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1 DEUSS, KRYSTYNA. Shamans, Witches, And Maya Priests: Native Religion And Ritual In Highland Guatemala.
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman: 2013. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Eyewitness accounts of Maya rites and rituals. Enlivened with 102 photographs and 50 figures and maps, Shamans, Witches, and Maya Priests explores the "old ways" that still prevail in the Q'anjob'al, Akatek, and Chuj communities of the remote northwestern Cuchumatán Mountains. Krystyna Deuss provides vivid descriptions and images of the traditional rites and rituals she witnessed during fifteen years of fieldwork. These sacred moments include blood sacrifices for the good of the community and private shamanic rituals—as well as black magic. Deuss also includes a selection of the prayers she recorded. Krystyna Deuss founded the Guatemalan Maya Centre in 1990 and spends five months each year in Guatemala continuing her research into the customs of the Highland Maya. She is the author of Indian Costumes from Guatemala. "An outstanding contribution to the field of ethnographic studies in highland Guatemala. Not only is it an informed and insightful account of her work among the Maya Prayersayers in the Cuchumatanes region of Guatemala, but it is also a truly great read—an evocative portrait of Maya traditionalists attempting to maintain the practice of their ancient faith in the face of remarkably trying circumstances. Many of the ceremonies she describes have already ceased to be performed, and others are in imminent danger of disappearing forever. This book is therefore, in some cases, the last eyewitness account of traditional rituals that had survived for centuries." —Allen J. Christenson, translator of Popul Vuh: The Sacred Book of the Maya "A comprehensive study of a little-known area of Guatemala, this book is an invaluable contribution to Maya studies. The author's attention to ethnographic detail is revealed through the text, diagrams, and the astonishing photographs, which set a new standard for documentation. At the same time, the succinct style of writing assures the accessibility of the book to nonspecialists."—Matthew G. Looper, coauthor of The New Catalog of Maya Hieroglyphs, Volume 1: The Classic Period Inscriptions 
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2 HAWKINS, JOHN P; ADAMS, WALTER RANDOLPH. Health Care In Maya Guatemala: Confronting Medical Pluralism In A Developing Country.
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman: . s Softcover. Brand new book. 
When the traditional meets the modern, nowhere is the impact felt as personally as in the realm of health care. Because practitioners trained in Western science tend to ignore traditional medicine in developing countries, conflict is inevitable. Health Care in Maya Guatemala examines medical systems and institutions in three K'iche' Maya communities to reveal the conflicts between indigenous medical care and the Guatemalan biomedical system. The editors and contributors show how people in this rapidly modernizing society think about traditional practices—and reveal that health conditions in traditional communities deteriorate over time as long-standing medical practices erode in the face of Western encroachment. The contributors first consider cultural, institutional, and behavioral aspects of health care in Guatemala. Then they look closely at the nature and treatment of specific health issues, such as dentistry and mental health—especially depression. Finally they provide new insight on midwifery, nutrition, ethnomedicine, and other topics. As a whole, the volume proposes steps toward a health care system more accessible to Mayas, incorporating K'iche' concepts with Western thought. Representing trends seen throughout the world, it shows the necessity of cultural understanding if poor people are to have access to medicine that combines the best of both local tradition and international biomedicine. Although Western medicine continues to ignore the importance of local culture in its attempt to be "scientific," this book makes a strong argument for giving tradition its due. 
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3 IMMERMAN, RICHARD H. The Cia In Guatemala: The Foreign Policy Of Intervention.
University of Texas Press, Austin: 1982. 0292780451 / 9780292780453 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. There is a tear to the upper left front cover. 
Using documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, recently opened archival collections, and interviews with the actual participants, Inmmerman provides us with a definitive, powerfully written, and tension-packed account of the United States' clandestine operations in Guatemala and their consequences in Latin America today. Includes an Index. 
Price: 28.03 USD
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4 LOVELL, W. GEORGE & LUTZ, CHRISTOPHER H. WITH KRAMER, WENDY & SWEZEY, WILLIAM R. " Strange Lands And Different Peoples ": Spaniards And Indians In Colonial Guatemala.
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman: 2013. Volume 271 in the Civilization of the American Indian Series. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Guatemala emerged from the clash between Spanish invaders and Maya ultures that began five centuries ago. The conquest of these "rich and strange lands," as Hernan Cortes called them, and their "many different peoples" was brutal and prolonged. "Strange Lands and Different Peoples" examines the myriad ramifications of Spanish intrusion, especially Maya resistance to it and the changes that took place in native life because of it. The studies assembled here, focusing on the first century of colonial rule (1524-1624), discuss issues of conquest and resistance, settlement and colonization, labor and tribute, and Maya survival in the wake of Spanish invasion. The authors reappraise the complex relationship between Spaniards and Indians, which was marked from the outset by mutual feelings of resentment and mistrust. While acknowledging the pivotal role of native agency, the authors also document the excesses of Spanish exploitation and the devastating part of epidemic disease. While acknowledging the pivotal role of native agency, the authors also document the excesses of Spanish exploitation and the devastating impact of epidemic disease. Drawing on research findings in Spanish and Guatemalan archives, they offer fresh insight into the Kaqchikel Maya uprising of 1524, showing that despite strategic resistance, colonization imposed a burden on the indigenous population more onerous than previously thought. Guatemala remains a deeply divided and unjust society, a country whose current condition can be understood only in light of the colonial experiences that forged it. Affording readers a critical perspective on how Guatemala came to be, "Strange Lands and Different Peoples" shows the events of the past to have enduring contemporary relevance. W. George Lovell is Professor of Geography at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. Wendy Kramer is author of Encomienda Politics in Early Colonial Guatemala, 1524-1544: Dividing the Spoils. Christopher H. Lutz is managing director and editor of Plumsock Mesoamerican Studies and a board member of the Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica in Antigua, Guatemala. William R. Swezey (1933-1989) was co-founder of the Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica in Guatemala and its director for more than a decade. "Drawn from several decades of research in both Maya and Spanish sources, 'Strange Lands and Different Peoples' brings us a sensitive and beautifully written account of the Spanish conquest and colonization of Guatemala and its indigenous people. The authors do a splendid job of explaining not only the conquest period but also the survival of Maya people and their culture."—Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr., author of A Short History of Guatemala and Central America: A Nation Divided 
Price: 33.20 USD
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