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1 Around The World With Kipling.
Doubleday, Page & Company, Inc., Garden City: 1926. The Mandalay Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition considering its age. 
Includes an Introductory essay entitled "Around the World With Kipling," "Kipling at Home" by Irvin S. Cobb, "Rudyad Kipling - A Biographical Sketch" by Anice Page Cooper, "Rudyard Kipling's Place in Literature" by Richard Le Gallienne, "Rudyard Kipling" by William Lyon Phelps, "Rudyard as a Frenchman Sees Him" by Andre Chevrillon, and The Kipling Index. Contains several illustrations. 
Price: 15.15 USD
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2 Sparknotes: Emma Jane Austen.
Sparknotes, New York: 2003. s Softcover. Very good condition. 
Features explanations of key Themes, Motifs, and Symbols, along with a detailed analysis of important characters. 
Price: 5.23 USD
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3 The Dickens House: Guide And Illustrated Souvenir.
The Trustees, The Dickens House: London. s Softcover. Very good condition. 
Describes No. 48 Doughty Street, London, a building once threatened with demolition that had been the residence of Charles Dickens. 
Price: 9.50 USD
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4 ALEXANDER, CHARLOTTE A.; EMERSON, RALPH WALDO. Monarch Notes: The Major Writings Of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
Monarch Press, New York: 1965. s Softcover. Fair condition. 

Price: 5.70 USD
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5 ALEXANDER, CHARLOTTE; DICKINSON, EMILY. Monarch Notes: The Poetry Of Emily Dickinson.
Monarch Press, New York: 1965. s Softcover. Fair condition. 

Price: 2.38 USD
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6 ANDEREGG, MICHAEL. Lincoln And Shakespeare.
University Press of Kansas, Lawrence: 2015. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Lincoln Prize Finalist It was the measure of Shakespeare's poetic greatness, an early commentator remarked, that he thoroughly blended the ideal with the practical or realistic. If this be so, Walt Whitman wrote, "I should say that what Shakespeare did in poetic expression, Abraham Lincoln essentially did in his personal and official life." Whitman was only one of many to note the affinity between these two iconic figures. Novelists, filmmakers, and playwrights have frequently shown Lincoln quoting Shakespeare. In Lincoln and Shakespeare, Michael Anderegg for the first time examines in detail Lincolns fascination with and knowledge of Shakespeares plays. Separated by centuries and extraordinary circumstances, the two men clearly shared a belief in the power of language and both at times held a fatalistic view of human nature. While citations from Shakespeare are few in his writings and speeches, Lincoln read deeply and quoted often from the Bard's work in company, a habit well documented in diaries, letters, and newspapers. Anderegg discusses Lincolns particular interest in Macbeth and Hamlet and in Shakespeare's historical plays, where we see themes that resonated deeply with the president—the dangers of inordinate ambition, the horrors of civil war, and the corruptions of illegitimate rule. Anderegg winnows confirmed evidence from myth to explore how Lincoln came to know Shakespeare, which editions he read, and which plays he would have seen before he became president. Once in the White House, Lincoln had the opportunity of seeing the best Shakespearean actors in America. Anderegg details Lincoln's unexpected relationship with James H. Hackett, one of the most popular comic actors in America at the time: his letter to Hackett reveals his considerable enthusiasm for Shakespeare. Lincoln managed, in the midst of overwhelming matters of state, to see the actor's Falstaff on several occasions and to engage with him in discussions of how Shakespeares plays should be performed, a topic on which he had decided views. Hackett's productions were only a few of those Lincoln enjoyed as president, and Anderegg documents his larger theater-going experience, recreating the Shakespearean performances of Edwin Booth, Charlotte Cushman, Edwin Forrest, and others, as Lincoln saw them. Michael Anderegg is professor emeritus of English at the University of North Dakota. His books include Orson Welles, Shakespeare, and Popular Culture and Cinematic Shakespeare. "This book performs a real service to those interested in Abraham Lincoln, the theater, and William Shakespeare." —Civil War Book Review "While Lincoln's love of Shakespeare is well documented, Michael Anderegg has produced the first full-scale study of that important subject. In addition to skillfully examining the ways that the dramas that Lincoln read or saw were published and performed, Professor Anderegg plausibly analyzes his responses to them. This is a most welcome addition to the Lincoln literature."—Michael Burlingame, author of Abraham Lincoln: A Life 
Price: 28.45 USD
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7 ANDREWS, WILLIAM L.; FOSTER, FRANCIS SMITH; HARRIS, TRUDIER. The Oxford Companion To African American Literature.
Oxford University Press, New York/Oxford: 1997. 0195065107 / 9780195065107 s Softcover. Reading copy. Staining on bottom edge. 

Price: 7.13 USD
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8 ARBUR, ROSEMARIE. Marion Zimmer Bradley.
Starmont House, Mercer Island: 1985. 0916732959 / 9780916732950 First Edition. Starmont Reader's Guide 27. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Offers a thorough examination of the science fiction writer. The volume is divided into a chronological table of the author's life and literary career, a full biography, chapters on her major works, and both primary and secondary bibliographies. Includes an Index. 
Price: 47.45 USD
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9 ARNOTT, W. GEOFFREY. Greece & Rome New Surveys In The Classics No. 9: Menander, Plautus, Terence.
The Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1975. s Softcover. Good condition. 

Price: 33.01 USD
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10 BANKS, LYNNE REID. Dark Quartet: The Story Of The Brontes.
Delacorte Press, New York: 1976. Book Club Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
This biography of the Brontes portrays the eccentric, creative, and brilliant family as it has never been seen before. Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and Branwell led a tortured existence, and yet they produced works of insight, depth, and compassion. 
Price: 4.99 USD
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11 BARSBY, JOHN. Greece & Rome New Surveys In The Classics No. 12: Ovid.
The Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1978. 0903035081 / 9780903035088 s Softcover. Good condition. 

Price: 47.03 USD
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12 BEACHY-QUICK, DAN. A Brighter Word Than Bright: Keats At Work.
University of Iowa Press, Iowa City: 2013. MUSE BOOKS; The Iowa Series in Creativity and Writing, h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
The romantic poet John Keats, considered by many as one of the greatest poets in the English language, has long been the subject of attention from scholars who seek to understand him and poets who seek to emulate him. 
Price: 22.80 USD
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13 BELLOW, SAUL; CRONIN, GLORIA L. AND SIEGEL, BEN ( EDITORS). Conversations With Saul Bellow.
University of MIssissippi Press, Jackson: 1994. 0878057188 / 9780878057184 First Edition. s Softcover. Good condition with slight crease in front cover. 
A collection of interviews granted over four decades making clear that Saul Bellow grasped quickly the lesson learned by many of his literary colleages: to use the interview form as a means of responding to critics (literary and personal) and of clarifying aspects of his own thought and fiction he felt had been misinterpreted. Includes an Index. 
Price: 57.81 USD
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14 BLOOM, HAROLD. The Shadow Of A Great Rock: A Literary Appreciation Of The King James Bible.
Yale University Press, New Haven & London: 2011. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
The King James Bible stands at "the sublime summit of literature in English," sharing the honor only with Shakespeare, Harold Bloom contends in the opening pages of this illuminating literary tour. Distilling the insights acquired from a significant portion of his career as a brilliant critic and teacher, he offers readers at last the book he has been writing "all my long life," a magisterial and intimately perceptive reading of the King James Bible as a literary masterpiece. Bloom calls it an "inexplicable wonder" that a rather undistinguished group of writers could bring forth such a magnificent work of literature, and he credits William Tyndale as their fountainhead. Reading the King James Bible alongside Tyndale's Bible, the Geneva Bible, and the original Hebrew and Greek texts, Bloom highlights how the translators and editors improved upon—or, in some cases, diminished—the earlier versions. He invites readers to hear the baroque inventiveness in such sublime books as the Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes, and Job, and alerts us to the echoes of the King James Bible in works from the Romantic period to the present day. Throughout, Bloom makes an impassioned and convincing case for reading the King James Bible as literature, free from dogma and with an appreciation of its enduring aesthetic value. Harold Bloom is Sterling Professor of the Humanities at Yale University. He lives in New Haven, CT. 
Price: 17.10 USD
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15 BOND, WILLIAM H. (EDITOR). Eighteenth-century Studies: In Honor Of Donald F. Hyde.
The Grolier Club, New York: 1970. h Hardcover with slipcase. Brand new book. 
This book is a collection of essays by eminent scholars regarding the study of eighteenth-century literature. The essays are in tribute to former Grolier Club President, Donald F. Hyde. Hyde was very active in the Club and after becoming President in 1961, he began revitalizing the library and rehabilitating the clubhouse. He also proposed and organized the Iter Italicum, a legendary Grolier tour, and brought life back to the Club after the depression and war. In addition to his Grolier Club presidency, Hyde was also president of the Bibliographical Society of America, trustee of the New York Public Library and the Pierpont Morgan Library, and a member of the advisory committees of Harvard, Yale, and other university libraries. Essays are written by Edward A. Bloom, W. Jackson Bate, Louis A. Landa, Charles Ryskamp, Sidney Ives, Carey McIntosh, L. F. Powell, Reuben A. Brower, and others. The book includes four full-page illustrations and is contained in a slipcase printed with an overall pattern of the Club device. It was designed by Joseph Blumenthal, printed by the Spiral Press and the Meriden Gravure Company, and was a winner of an AIGA Fifty Books of the Year award. 
Price: 39.90 USD
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16 BOOTH, BRADFORD A. Anthony Trollope: Aspects Of His Life And Art.
Indiana University Press, Bloomington: 1958. 
Was Anthony Trollope an enduring creative artist or merely a talented entertainer? In this lucid volume of essays of a lifelong student of the novelist gives his conclusions after analyzing Trollope's writing in relation to the age in which he lived. Includes an Index. 
Price: 14.25 USD
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17 BOYCE, CHARLES; HANDS, TERRY (FOREWORD). Shakespeare A To Z: The Essential Reference To His Plays, His Poems, His Life And Times, And More.
A Roundtable Press Book, New York: 1990. s Softcover. Fair condition. 
Shakespeare A to Z is the only single-volume reference to virtually everything one needs to know about the Bard. Incorporating nearly 3,000 entries and more than 50 illustrations, it provides comprehensive information on all facets of Shakespeare's life and works. Enormous in scope and clearly written, Shakespeare A to Z is an essential addition to every school, public, theatre and personal library. 
Price: 43.94 USD
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18 BOYCE, CHARLES; HANDS, TERRY (FOREWORD). Shakespeare A To Z: The Essential Reference To His Plays, His Poems, His Life And Times, And More.
A Roundtable Press Book, New York: 1990. 0816018057 / 9780816018055 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
Shakespeare A to Z is the only single-volume reference to virtually everything one needs to know about the Bard. Incorporating nearly 3,000 entries and more than 50 illustrations, it provides comprehensive information on all facets of Shakespeare's life and works. Enormous in scope and clearly written, Shakespeare A to Z is an essential addition to every school, public, theatre and personal library. 
Price: 43.23 USD
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19 BRAUND, SUSAN H. Greece & Rome New Surveys In The Classics No. 23: Roman Verse Satire.
The Clarendon Press, Oxford: 1992. 0199220727 / 9780199220724 s Softcover. Very good condition. 

Price: 141.55 USD
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20 BRETON, ANDRE. The Lost Steps.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2010. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
The Lost Steps (Les Pas perdus) is Andr Breton's first collection of critical and polemical essays. Composed between 1917 and 1923, these pieces trace his evolution during the years when he was emerging as a central figure in French (and European) intellectual life. They chronicle his tumultuous passage through the Dada movement, proclaim his explosive views on Modernism and its heroes, and herald the emergence of Surrealism itself. Along the way, we are given Breton's serious commentaries on his Modernist predecessors, Guillaume Apollinaire and Alfred Jarry, followed by his not-so-serious Dada manifestoes. Also included are portraits of Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, and Breton's mysterious friend Jacques Vach, as well as a crisis-by-crisis account of his dealing with Dada's leader, Tristan Tzara. Finally, Breton offers a first glimpse of Surrealism, the movement that was forever after identified with his name and that stands as a defining force in twentieth-century aesthetics. 
Price: 18.95 USD
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