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1 BABCOCK, ROBERT G. (EDITOR). A Book Of Her Own: An Exhibition Of Manuscripts And Printed Books In The Yale University Library That Were Owned By Women Before 1700.
Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University, New Haven: 2005. 0845731637 / 9780845731635 s Softcover. Stiff paper wrappers. Brand new book. 
Books tell us many things beyond what their authors write in them. Single copies of books, for instance, often reveal their particular history, who owned them, who read them, who gave them as gifts, how they changed hands over the years. This catalogue of the Beinecke Library exhibition, A Book of Her Own, explores an unusual aspect of book history: all of the books in the display, based on various sorts of evidence contained in the books, were owned by women before the year 1700. 
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2 BASBANES, NICHOLAS A. Patience & Fortitude: Wherein A Colorful Cast Of Determined Book Collectors, Dealers, And Librarians Go About The Quixotic Task Of Preserving A Legacy.
HarperPerennial, New York: 2003. 0060514469 / 9780060514464 Reprint Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Here is an irresistible journey to the great libraries of the past - from Alexandria to Glasonbury - and to contemporary collections at the Vatican, Wolfenbuttel, and erudite universities. Along the way, he drops in on eccentric book dealers and regales us with stories about unforgettable collectors, such as the gentleman who bought a rare book in 1939 "bby selling bottles of his own blood." Includes an Index. "Nicholas Basbanes is no ordinary book lover. Not only do books themselves fascinae him, virtually everything about them does as well, including the ways they hae been stored and safeguarded in the past and will be in the future." - Boston Globe 
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3 BELL, HAZEL K.; CRYSTAL, DAVID (PREFACE). From Flock Beds To Professionalism: A History Of Index-makers.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / HBK Press, Hatfield: 2008. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
"Indexing is an anonymous profession. An index may be praised or blamed, but rarely is the indexer named, lauded or shamed," laments Professor David Crystal in his preface to From Flock Beds to Professionalism. This book, however, initiates a change. Hazel Bell presents here brief biographies of 65 individual practitioners, the makers of indexes, from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, considering their working methods, techniques, training, remuneration, their lives and their personalities. Crystal observes, "Although it is the history of indexing which governs the structure of the book, it is the personalities of the indexers themselves which shine through it . . . I was unprepared for the range, diversity and sheer brilliance of the personalities lying behind the names." After the biographical section on the "Lone Workers," Bell outlines in "Banding Together" the history of groups and societies of indexers world-wide up to 1995, the year she sees as entailing the end of print-only indexing. The book includes photographs of indexers and of their tokens of recognition. Hazel Bell has been a freelance indexer since 1964, having compiled to date more than 700 indexes to books and journals, and won the Wheatley Medal for an outstanding index in both 2005 and 2006. She has been a member of the Society of Indexers for 44 years, serving on its Council as editor of its journal, The Indexer, for 18 of them. In 1997, she was presented by the Society with the Carey Award for services to indexing. She has written many articles for The Indexer and other learned journals. Bell is the author of Indexers and Indexes in Fact and Fiction (British Library/University of Toronto Press, 2001) and Indexing Biographies and Other Stories of Human Lives (Society of Indexers, 3rd edition 2004). 
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4 BILLINGTON, JAMES H. (INTRODUCTION); SULLIVAN, LARRY E. (PREFACE); MATHESON, WILLIAM (AN ESSAY ON ROSENWALD. Vision Of A Collector: The Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection In The Library Of Congress.
Distributed for the Library of Congress, Washington by Oak Knoll Press, New Castle: 1991. 084440733X / 9780844407333 First Edition. h Hardcover. Brand new book. 
The Rosenwald Collection is the single largest gathering of rare books at the Library of Congress and represents one of the finest collections of books formed by any individual. The collection focuses on the Western European and American illustrated book, a holding unsurpassed in this country, with special concentrations on 15th-century books, 16th-century books printed in the Low Countries, 18th-century French books, William Blake and 20th-century livres d'artiste. Since the time of its donation, this collection has grown to 2,600 separate editions along with several thousand reference works and is used by hundreds of scholars from all over the world. Vision of a Collector celebrates the centenary of Rosenwald's birth by gathering 100 essays by noted scholars on Rosenwald's interests highlighted in the collection, covering both internationally known rarities and books whose potential for research has not yet been recognized. This book consists of five essays on Manuscripts, twelve essays on Early Printing, Typography & Writing Books, thirty-nine essays on Illustrated Books, six essays on Eighteenth-Century French Illustrated Books, four essays on William Blake, seven essays on Modern Illustrated Books, three essays on Architecture, seven essays on Bindings, five essays on Geography, three essays on Herbals and nine essays on Science. This work includes illustrations with some in color. 
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5 BOYD, CLARENCE EUGENE. Public Libraries And Literary Culture In Ancient Rome.
Distributed for Martino Publishing, Mansfield Centre by Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / The British Library, London: 2005. Reprint of the 1915 University of Chicago Press first edition. s Hardcove. Brand new book. 
Six chapters on different aspects of libraries in ancient Rome including their management, equipment and their contents. 
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6 BRIGGS, ASA. A History Of Longmans And Their Books, 1724-1990: Longevity In Publishing.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / The British Library, London: 2008. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Longmans is the oldest commercial publisher in the United Kingdom, founded in London in 1724 by Thomas Longman. Asa Briggs's history is told within the context not only of the book trade, but also of national and international social, economic, intellectual, and cultural history. It tells of the people who ran the firm, the principles they held, and their success as entrepreneurs. From the start, the Longmans chose titles likely to have a long life. These included Roget's Thesaurus and Gray's Anatomy, which have gone through many editions. Early nineteenth-century Longman authors included William Wordsworth, Robert Southey, and Sir Walter Scott, and by the middle of the century they had become a publishing "Leviathan." Late Victorian authors included A.Conan Doyle, Robert Louis Stevenson, and H. Rider Haggard. Throughout its history, the House of Longmans has published a variety of important works, covering religion, law, medicine, science, and sport and has been a major publisher of dictionaries and reference books. It has also always been renowned for its educational publishing. In the twentieth century, it became increasingly international, with branches and subsidiary companies all over the world. Questions of how, why, and with what effectiveness are dealt with in the last chapters of this comprehensive and intriguing study. Asa Briggs is a leading historian both of the Victorian Age and communications. He has written many books, among which are The Age of Improvement, Victorian People, Victorian Cities and Victorian Things and his magisterial four-volume history of broadcasting in the United Kingdom. Among posts he has held have been those of Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex and Chancellor of the Open University. 
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7 BRODY, CATHERINE TYLER. John De Pol And The Typophiles: A Memoir And Record Of Friendship.
Distributed for The Typophiles by Oak Knoll Press, New Castle: 1998. Typophile Chap Book - New Series Number Two. Limited to 500 copies. s Brand new book. 8vo. quarter blue cloth with patterned paper covered boards. 
This work is a memoir and record of friendships between De Pol and the Typophiles organization. Limited to 500 copies designed by Dan Carr and printed in the original metal Monotype Dante on vintage Mohawk Letterpress Text by J. Ferrari & D. Carr at Golgonooza Letter Foundry & Press. Well illustrated with reproductions of John DePol's wood engravings. 
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8 CAVE, RODERICK. The Private Press.
R. R. Bowker Co., New York: 1983. 0835216950 / 9780835216951 Second edition, revised and enlarged. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
This work is more than a chronicle for antiquarians, bibliophiles, collectors, historians, and printing enthusiasts. Roderick Cave transcends a factual documentation of private press activities and brings to a full-bodied text the personal observations and insights of a 25-year involvement with the private press phenomenon. This selective history spans the private press movement from the origin of printing to the most contemporary private presses. In this edition, Cave has revised the original from 1971 and has added a new chapter on private press printing in the United States and Great Britain from 1970 to 1983 and on private press activity in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 
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9 CLUTTON-BROCK, A. Essays On Books.
Books for Libraries Press, Freeport: 1968. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very good reading copy. Stains on edges and front cover. 

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10 CODY, PAT; CODY, FRED. Cody's Books: The Life And Times Of A Berkeley Bookstore, 1956 To 1977.
Chronicle Books, San Francisco: 1992. 0811801403 / 9780811801409 s Softcover. Good condition. 
Cody's Books one of the nations most famous and successful independent bookstores - began in a tiny Berkley storefront with an investment of $5,000. Pat and Fred Cody had no experience in the book business, but they has a vision and they had commitment - to quality literature, to the community, and to the store. 
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11 CODY, PAT; CODY, FRED. Cody's Books: The Life And Times Of A Berkeley Bookstore, 1956 To 1977.
Chronicle Books, San Francisco: 1992. 0811801403 / 9780811801409 s Softcover. Good condition. Front cover is soiled. Stain on first inside page. 
Cody's Books one of the nations most famous and successful independent bookstores - began in a tiny Berkeley storefront with an investment of $5,000. Pat and Fred Cody had no experience in the book business, but they has a vision and they had commitment - to quality literature, to the community, and to the store. 
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12 DIEHL, EDITH. Bookbinding: Its Background And Technique, Two Volumes Bound As One.
Dover Publications, Inc., New York: 1980. 0486240207 / 9780486240206 s Softcover. Good condition. 

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13 DOUBLEDAY, RICHARD B. Jan Tschichold, Designer: The Penguin Years.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / Lund Humphries, UK: 2006. 1584561785 / 9781584561781 First Edition. h Hardcover. Brand new book. 
Focuses on Tschichold's classical typographic redesign and revolutionary typographic conventions that he applied to the mass production of books. Essential reading for the specialized professional, student, and enthusiast who works in the typography, book design, or publishing industry. 
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14 EPSTEIN, JASON. Book Business: Publishing Past Present And Future.
W. W. Norton & Company, New York: 2001. 0393049841 / 9780393049848 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

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15 FLECK, ROBERT D. Books About Books: A History And Bibliography Of Oak Knoll Press, 1978-2008.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle: 2008. First Edition. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Written to mark Oak Knoll Press's thirtieth anniversary, Books about Books is a comprehensive history and bibliography of the press, from its beginning in 1978 through the fall of 2008. Bob Fleck, founder, owner, and president of the Press, tells the story of his adventures in publishing. Bob decided to leave the field of chemical engineering in 1976 to start Oak Knoll Books, an antiquarian bookseller specializing in books about books. Two years later, he started publishing in the same field, beginning with a reprint of Bigmore and Wyman's A Bibliography of Printing. Oak Knoll Press has operated out of several buildings and under several publishing directors, but in the thirty years of its existence, it has developed a reputation for excellence in the field of books about books. The Press has published 320 books to date and is still going strong. The book begins with a fifty-page history of the press, which is well illustrated with more than fifty images. The history is followed by the bibliography, which lists 320 books in order of publication. Each entry includes the author, title, edition, and a brief physical description, as well as a paragraph describing the contents of the book. Any subsequent reprints are also listed. The bibliography includes about twenty full-page images of Oak Knoll Press publications. Books about Books is sure to be a useful tool for all of those wishing to expand their Oak Knoll Press collection or understand individual titles in the context of the whole. 
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16 FRENCH, HANNAH D.; MCCORISON, MARCUS A. (FOREWORD). Bookbinding In Early America.
Distributed for the American Antiquarian Society by Oak Knoll Press, New Castle: 1986. 0912296763 / 9780912296760 First Edition. h Hardcover. Brand new book. 
Contains previously published and unpublished works by Hannah French. Articles on Andrew Barclay, an early Boston binder, Henry B. Legg, Caleb Buglass, a Philadelphia binder, John Roulstone's Harvard bindings, and Thomas Jefferson's last binder, Frederick August Mayo. Also contains catalogues of bookbinding tools by Willman Spawn. Many illustrations. 
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17 GARNETT, RICHARD. Rupert Hart- Davis Limited: A Brief History With A Checklist Of Publications.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / The British Library, London: 2004. 1584561467 / 9781584561460 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Reprinted from the pages of The Book Collector. The work begins with a detailed history of the eclectic British publishing firm founded in 1946 by Rupert Hart-Davis. From each title they published to the company's finances, this book tells the story of Rupert Hart-Davis, revealing much about the man as well as the business. The success of his firm was not measured financially, but in well-edited and well-produced, non-fiction books. The second half of the work consists of an invaluable 637-title bibliographical check list of all the books published by the firm from 1947 to 1963. This book would be of interest to all enthusiasts of publishing history, especially those focusing on post-World-War II Britain. 
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18 HINKS, JOHN & ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE. Printing Places: Locations Of Book Production & Distribution Since 1500.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / The British Library, London: 2005. 1584561653 / 9781584561651 First Edition. h Hardcover. Brand new book. 
This seventh volume in the Print Networks Series is a collection of essays presented at the 2002 Conference on the History of the Book Trade. The theme reinforces the importance of studying specific local factors along side the wider picture of printing history. As with the other volumes in the Print Networks Series, the scope of these scholarly essays is wide-ranging: the book trade in Britain, including links with the former colonies, in early modern and modern times. This collection of essays clearly reflects the book-trade history and is a lively engagement with other historical approaches: cultural, social, economic and intellectual. 
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19 HINKS, JOHN & ARMSTRONG, CATHERINE (EDITORS). Worlds Of Print: Diversity In The Book Trade.
Oak Knoll Press, New Castle / The British Library, London: 2006. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
The infinite variety of people and places touched by the British book trade is the focus of this eighth volume in the Print Networks series. These papers - by established book historians and younger scholars - reflect the complex networks that existed between book trade people in the British Isles and the wider colonial world, focusing on those involved in the creation of the book, from author to agent, publisher to printer, bookseller to reader. The broad chronology covered here allows scholars of book history to observe thematic developments. Topics range from Scotland's earliest printers to late twentieth-century global marketing strategies, also exploring books in and about Central America, New Zealand, Australia, Elgin, Northampton, and East Kent, among other diverse locations. These essays demonstrate what the connections between book trade practitioners locally and internationally can tell us about the significance of print. They accomplish this by analyzing the lives of the men and women who created and lived in these fascinating 'worlds of print.' 
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20 HUNT, ARNOLD; MANDELBROTE, GILES & SHELL, ALISON; MCKENSIE, D. F. (INTRODUCTION). The Book Trade And Its Customers, 1450 - 1900: Historical Essays For Robin Myers.
St. Paul's Bibliographies / Oak Knoll Press, New Castle: 1997. Advance Reading Copy. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Collected here as a homage to Robin Myers, respected book trade historian and editor of the Publishing Pathways Series devoted to studies in book trade and publishing history, these essays uncover the connections between the mechanics of the book trade and their human ends in the learning and transmission of knowledge. They show that the processes and materials involved in the production of books pave the way for larger economic and social issues ranging from business connections, patents, copyrights and their transfer, London's relations with Ireland and America, the Stationers' Company and what transpires when books pass into the hands of customers. This work also includes a memoir of Myers along with a bibliography of her published works. Here in Part I: The Book Trade, the contributors discuss a variety of topics: Ann Greening on "A 16th-century stationer and his business connections: the Tottell family documents (1448-1719) at Stationers' Hall," Elisabeth Leedham-Green on "Manasses Vautrollier in Cambridge," David Pearson on "A binding with the arms of the Stationers' Company," Arnold Hunt on "Book trade patents, 1603-1640," Giles Mandelbrote on "Richard Bentley's copies: the ownership of copyrights in the late 17th-century," Michael Harris on "Scratching the surface: engravers, printsellers and the London book trade in the mid-18th century," Scott Mandelbrote on "John Baskett, the Dublin booksellers, and the printing of the Bible, c. 1710-1724," James Tierney on "Dublin-London publishing relations in the 18th-century: the case of George Faulkner," Michael Turner on "A list of the stockholders: the Stationers' Company's English Stock in the 19th-century," and Esther Potter on "The changing role of the trade bookbinder, 1800-1900." Part II: The Customers include Christine Ferdinand on "Magdalen College and the book trade: the provision of books in Oxford: 1450-1550," Tom Birrell on "The library of Sir Edward Sherburne," Michael Treadwell on "Richard Lapthorne and the London retail book trade, 1683-1697," Alison Shell on "The antiquarian satirized: John Clubbe and the Antiquities of Wheatfield," James Raven on "Gentlemen, pirates and really respectable booksellers: some Charleston customers for Lackington, Allen & Co.," David J. Hall on "Francis Fry, a maker of chocolate and Bibles, and Eiluned Rees on "Art and craft: bookbindings in the National Library of Wales." 
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