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University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque: 2013. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Ana Baca's bilingual tale of how two children from different generations learn to make their family recipe for tamales will delight readers of her earlier picture books that combine folklore and traditional cuisine. Luz's school day is canceled because of snow and her abuela decides it's the perfect time to teach her to make tamales, just as Abuela's father, Diego, was taught by his tia on a long-ago winter day. As Abuela tells it, when Tia showed up unexpectedly at Diego's home, the pantry was almost bare with only a few dried squash, two pumpkins, three onions, a bundle of dried corn, and one red chile ristra on the shelves. Diego didn't think they'd be able to do much with such meager ingredients, but by the end of the afternoon, Tia had taught him that with laughter and a little embellishment, a delicious meal can be made from almost nothing. Winner of the 2011 New Mexico Book Award, Ana Baca, a resident of Albuquerque, is the author of a novel, Mama Fela's Girls (UNM Press), and three earlier children's books, most recently Benito's Sopaipillas. NoĎl Chilton is an artist who illustrated Pop Flops Great Balloon Ride (Museum of New Mexico Press). She also lives in Albuquerque. 10 x 10 inches, 32 pages, 27 color plates. "This is a delightful tale about how family recipes and stories are handed down from generation to generation."-- School Library Journal "An embarrassment of riches." -- Kirkus Reviews "This is a fanciful and entertaining book sure to appeal to budding family chefs." -- Durango Herald 
Price: 16.10 USD
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2 BAKER, DAVID G. & BIVIN, W. SHELDON. Mike The Tiger: The Roar Of Lsu.
Louisiana State University Press, Baton Rouge and London: 2013. New Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Mike the Tiger has symbolized the spirit and resolve of Louisiana State University for over seventy-five years. Fiercely confident, keenly competitive, marvelously clever, and the only live tiger to reside on a college campus, Mike reigns nobly from his home just outside of Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge. In this completely updated and visually stunning new edition of Mike the Tiger, David G. Baker and W. Sheldon Bivin tell the story of the famed mascot from the Civil War origins of LSU's fighting tiger tradition to the present age of social media. They debunk the myths, confirm the legends, and share priceless behind-the-scenes anecdotes as they chronicle the reign of each of the six Mikes. Included are 70 additional photos, for a total of 200 images, as well as new details about: • The construction of a spacious natural enclosure for Mike in 2005, complete with waterfall, stream, pool, shrubs, rocks, and grass • The final years of Mike V, who was hand-raised at LSU, and the outpouring of condolences upon his death • The exciting arrival and introduction of Mike VI and the establishment of his reputation as possibly the most affectionate and inquisitive personality of any LSU tiger to date • The naming of a sixth subspecies of tiger, the Malayan, and the current status of global tiger preservation efforts • Frequently asked questions and answers about Mike's care and lifestyle Mike the Tiger provides a treat for all who ever said, "Meet me at the tiger cage," for all who still marvel at his regal appearance, and for all who will forever bleed purple and gold. 10 x 10 inches, 132 color photos, 68 halftones. 
Price: 28.45 USD
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3 BOSSERT, HELMUTH TH. Peasant Art Of Europe And Asia.
Frederick A. Praeger, Publishers, New York: 1959. First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Fair condition. 
Contains 600 beautiful illustrations of folk art design on 28 plates in four colors and 16 plates in monochrome, all magnificently reproduced in this exciting collection. Includes examples from all the European countries - from Norway to Italy and from Lithuania to Crete. The examples from Asia come from Bokhara, from Turkestan, from India, and from Tibet. Within these pages the reader will find outstanding patterns of clothing, pottery, furniture, carpets, jewelry, metalwork, utensils, an 
Price: 54.48 USD
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4 BRYAN, C. D. B. Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: Alien Abduction, Ufos, And The Conference At M. I. T.
Alfred A. Knopf, New York: 1995. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
Discusses case in which personal contact between an individual or individuals is initiated by the "occupants" of the spacecraft. This is a detailed, objective exploration -- the most concrete to date -- of oine of the enduring and amazing mysteries of our time. It is a book that will equally fascinate believers and nonbelievers. Includes an Index. 
Price: 7.98 USD
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5 CARLSON, DAVID J. Imagining Sovereignty: Self-determination In American Indian Law And Literature.
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman: 2016. Volume 66 in American Indian Literature and Critical Studies Series. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
"Sovereignty" is perhaps the most ubiquitous term in American Indian writing today—but its meaning and function are anything but universally understood. This is as it should be, David J. Carlson suggests, for a concept frequently at the center of various—and often competing—claims to authority. In Imagining Sovereignty, Carlson explores sovereignty as a discursive middle ground between tribal communities and the United States as a settler-colonial power. His work reveals the complementary ways in which legal and literary texts have generated politically significant representations of the world, which in turn have produced particular effects on readers and advanced the cause of tribal self-determination. Drawing on western legal historical sources and American Indian texts, Carlson traces a dual genealogy of sovereignty. Imagining Sovereignty identifies the concept as a marker, one that allows both the colonizing power of the United States and the resisting powers of various American Indian nations to organize themselves and their various claims to authority. In the process, sovereignty also functions as a point of exchange where these claims compete with and complicate one another. To this end, Carlson analyzes how several contemporary American Indian writers and critics have sought to fuse literary practices and legal structures into fully formed discourses of self-determination. After charting the development of the concept of sovereignty in natural law and its permutations in federal Indian policy, Carlson maps out the nature and function of sovereignty discourses in the work of contemporary Native scholars such as Russel Barsh, Gerald Taiaiake Alfred, D'Arcy McNickle, and Vine Deloria, and in the work of more expressly literary American Indian writers such as Craig Womack, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Gerald Vizenor, and Francisco Patencio. Often read in opposition, the writings of these indigenous authors emerge in Imagining Sovereignty as a coherent literary and political tradition—one whose varied discourse of sovereignty aptly reflects American Indian people's diverse political contexts. David J. Carlson is Professor of English at California State University-San Bernardino and the author of Sovereign Selves: American Indian Autobiography and the Law. "Carlson's Imagining Sovereignty is a taut and engaging account of that most revolutionary of concepts—Native sovereignty—as discerned through a close reading of works by leading political and literary writers, including Vine Deloria, Jr., Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, and Gerald Vizenor."—David Wilkins, author of Uneven Ground: American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Law "A force that propelled the rise of modern Native Nations, sovereignty is the glue that holds Indian tribes together. Imagining Sovereignty pulls together contemporary thinking about this threshold concept, its definition, nature, and usages. David Carlson explores how law and literature can strengthen the foundation for tribal existence. His book is a must-read for those concerned about indigenous survival and well-being in the United States."—Walter Echo-Hawk, author of In The Light of Justice: The Rise of Human Rights in Native America and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 
Price: 28.45 USD
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Getty Publications, Los Angeles: 2013. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Revered and misunderstood by his peers and lauded by later generations as the father of modern art, Paul Czanne (1839-1906) has long been a subject of fascination for artists and art lovers, writers, poets, and philosophers. His life was a ceaseless artistic quest, and he channeled much of his wide-ranging intellect and ferocious wit into his letters. Punctuated by exasperated theorizing and philosophical reflection, outbursts of creative ecstasy and melancholic confession, the artist's correspondence reveals both the heroic and all-toohuman qualities of a man who is indisputably among the pantheon of all-time greats. This new translation of Czanne's letters includes more than twenty that were previously unpublished and reproduces the sketches and caricatures with which Czanne occasionally illustrated his words. The letters shed light on some of the key artistic relationships of the modern period—about one third of Czanne's more than 250 letters are to his boyhood companion Émile Zola, and he communicated extensively with Camille Pissarro and the dealer Ambroise Vollard. The translation is richly annotated with explanatory notes, and, for the first time, the letters are cross-referenced to the current catalogue raisonn. Numerous inaccuracies and archaisms in the previous English edition of the letters are corrected, and many intriguing passages that were unaccountably omitted have been restored. The result is a publishing landmark that ably conveys Czanne's intricacy of expression. Alex Danchev is professor of International Relations at the University of Nottingham and the author of a number of acclaimed biographies, including Czanne: A Life (Pantheon, 2012) and Georges Braque: A Life (Arcade, 2012). 
Price: 37.95 USD
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West Virgina University Press: . s Softcover. Brand new book. 
A once-booming West Virginia rail town no longer has a working train. The residents left The outside world encroaches, and the buildings of the gilded past seem to crumble more every day. These are the stories of outsiders—the down and out. What happens to the young boy whose burgeoning sexuality pushes him to the edge of the forest to explore what might be love with another boy? What happens when one lost soul finally makes it to New York City, yet the reminders of his past life are omnipresent? The characters in The Rope Swing—gay and straight alike—yearn for that which seems so close but impossibly far, the world over the jagged peaks of the mountains. 
Price: 16.14 USD
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8 CRUZ, CYNTHIA. The Glimmering Room.
Four Way Books. s Softcover. Brand new book. 

Price: 15.15 USD
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Royal Botanic Gardens, London: 2010. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
This handy guidebook is the result of a sixteen-year collaboration between the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital Poisons Unit. Written with both botanical and toxicological authority, the book offers concise details of the 130 most poisonous plants that are likely to be encountered in the home, garden, and countryside, together with a summary of likely symptoms should they inadvertently be touched or eaten. Photographs of the plants are included to aid identification, and a brief guide to safe plants offers suggestions for the creation of a hazard-free garden. Includes 300 color plates. Contents Glossary First aid and emergency advice from the Medical Toxicology Information Services Introduction A safe garden Fruiting plants of 'low' toxicity The most toxic plants (at a glance) Plant profiles Outdoor plants Indoor plants Sources of further information Acknowledgements Key to berry and flower colour Index 
Price: 23.28 USD
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10 DAVIS, GERALD FOREWORD BY TOM FENTON Algerian Diary: Frank Kearns And The "impossible Assignment"
West Virgina University Press, Morgantown s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Frank Kearns was the go-to guy at CBS News for dangerous stories in Africa and the Middle East in the 1950s, '60s, and early '70s. By his own account, he was nearly killed 114 times. if captured, they would be executed and left in unmarked graves. But their job as journalists was to seek the truth whatever it might turn out to be. . 
Price: 18.99 USD
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11 DERBYSHIRE, IAN. Politics In China: From Mao To The Post-deng Era.
Chambers, LTD, London: 1987. s Softcover. Good condition. 

Price: 18.76 USD
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12 DIETRICK, ROBIN C. (EDITOR); GRUBER, PH.D., J. RICHARD (ESSAY). To Paint And Pray: The Art And Life Of William R. Hollingsworth, Jr.
Mississippi Museum of Art. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 

Price: 28.45 USD
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h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848-1933) found inspiration in the gardens of Laurelton Hall, his vast country estate on Long Island's North Shore. 
Price: 33.49 USD
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14 EL CHEIKH, NADIA MARIA. Women, Islam, And Abbasid Identity,
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London England: 2015. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Middle East: General SOCIAL SCIENCE: Islamic Studies SOCIAL SCIENCE: Gender Studies HISTORY: Medieval When the Abbasids overthrew the Umayyad dynasty in 750 CE, an important element in legitimizing their newly won authority involved defining themselves in the eyes of their Islamic subjects. Nadia Maria El Cheikh shows that ideas about women were central to the process by which the Abbasid caliphate, which ushered in Islam's Golden Age, achieved self-definition. In most medieval Islamic cultures, Arab Islam stood in opposition to jahl, or the state of impurity and corruption that existed prior to Islam's founding. Over time, the concept of jahl evolved into a more general term describing a condition of ignorance and barbarism—as well as a condition specifically associated in Abbasid discourse with women. Concepts of womanhood and gender became a major organizing principle for articulating Muslim identity. Groups whose beliefs and behaviors were perceived by the Abbasids as a threat—not only the jahilis who lived before the prophet Muhammad but peoples living beyond the borders of their empire, such as the Byzantines, and heretics who defied the strictures of their rule, such as the Qaramita—were represented in Abbasid texts through gendered metaphors and concepts of sexual difference. These in turn influenced how women were viewed, and thus contributed to the historical construction of Muslim women's identity. Through its investigation of how gender and sexuality were used to articulate cultural differences and formulate identities in Abbasid systems of power and thought, Women, Islam, and Abbasid Identity demonstrates the importance of women to the writing of early Islamic history. 
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15 ELLER, JONATHAN R. Becoming Ray Bradbury: The Authoritative Biography Of Ray Bradbury's Early Years.
University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago: 2011. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
The authoritative biography of Ray Bradbury's early years Becoming Ray Bradbury chronicles the making of an iconic American writer by exploring Ray Bradbury's childhood and early years of his long life in fiction, film, television, radio, and theater. Jonathan R. Eller measures the impact of the authors, artists, illustrators, and filmmakers who stimulated Bradbury's imagination throughout his first three decades. Unprecedented access to Bradbury's personal papers and other private collections provides insight into his emerging talent through his unpublished correspondence, his rare but often insightful notes on writing, and his interactions with those who mentored him during those early years. Beginning with his childhood in Waukegan, Illinois, and Los Angeles, this biography follows Bradbury's development from avid reader to maturing author, making a living writing for the genre pulps and mainstream magazines. Eller illuminates the sources of Bradbury's growing interest in the human mind, the human condition, and the ambiguities of life and death--themes that became increasingly apparent in his early fiction. Bradbury's correspondence documents his frustrating encounters with the major trade publishing houses and his earliest unpublished reflections on the nature of authorship. Eller traces the sources of Bradbury's very conscious decisions, following the sudden success of The Martian Chronicles and The Illustrated Man, to voice controversial political statements in his fiction. Eller also elucidates the complex creative motivations that yielded Fahrenheit 451. Becoming Ray Bradbury reveals Bradbury's emotional world as it matured through his explorations of cinema and art, his interactions with agents and editors, his reading discoveries, and the invaluable reading suggestions of older writers. These largely unexplored elements of his life pave the way to a deeper understanding of his more public achievements, providing a biography of the mind, the story of Bradbury's self-education and the emerging sense of authorship at the heart of his boundless creativity. Jonathan R. Eller is a professor of English at Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, the senior text editor of the Institute for American Thought, and the director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at IUPUI. He is the coauthor of Ray Bradbury: The Life of Fiction and the textual editor of The Collected Stories of Ray Bradbury, Volume 1: 1938-1943. "Every page is packed with fascinating material about one of this country's most beloved writers."--Michael Dirda, Washington Post "Eller shows how Bradbury found his vocation in a private world of mimeographed fanzines and couch-surfing, of transcontinental trips to the very first SF conventions, of the intense rivalries and controversies of a small enclosed world. . . . Eller's excellent account makes clear that one of the reasons why Bradbury came to seem an important new voice is that he was never as naive a writer as literary patrons such as Christopher Isherwood and Aldous Huxley may have assumed."--Times Literary Supplement "Eller's work is thorough and enlightening on the subject of one of science fiction's greatest minds. Highly recommended not just for Bradbury fans but for all students of science fiction."--Library Journal "Eller must surely be the preeminent biographer of Ray Bradbury."--Choice "A very Bradburyian biography."--Science Fiction Research Association Review "In great and always fascinating detail, Eller chronicles the journey Bradbury took from his youth to his early middle years. . . . [A] fine and important book."--Neworld Review "A treasury of otherwise unavailable information. . . . Fans of Bradbury will find this book a fascinating and revealing look into his life and work."--Science Fiction Studies "A stunningly good examination of what in Ray's life turned him into the unique, individual writer he became."--Huffington Post "A richly contextualized interpretation of Ray Bradbury's personal experience, his intellectual and artistic life, and the cultural milieu in which his gifts developed. Becoming Ray Bradbury will be the definitive account of Bradbury's development as a writer."--David Mogen, author of Wilderness Visions: The Western Theme in Science Fiction Literature "Jonathan R. Eller traces a wide variety of influences on Ray Bradbury's work, offering a detailed literary and cultural genealogy. Utterly compelling, this book contains a substantial amount of new material that will be invaluable for future scholars of Bradbury's work."--Gary K. Wolfe, author of Evaporating Genres: Essays on Fantastic Literature "Articulate and engaging, astonishingly rich in detail, and demonstrating exemplary research and scholarship, Becoming Ray Bradbury will be regarded as the most authoritative biography of Bradbury's life and work for many years."--Peter Stockwell, author of Texture: A Cognitive Aesthetics of Reading 
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16 FRANK, ERICH, Philosophical Understanding And Religious Truth.
Oxford University Press, New York: 1966. Galaxy Book Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
These are the Mary Flexner Lectures delivered at Bryn Mawr College in 1943. Incudes an Index. 
Price: 10.40 USD
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17 GAUNSON, STEPHEN. The Ned Kelly Films: A Cultural History Of Kelly History.
Intellect, Bristol: 2013. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Irish Australian outlaw Ned Kelly led one of the most spectacular outbreaks the tradition has ever experienced, culminating in a siege at Glenrowan on June 28, 1880. Donned in homemade metal armor and a helmet, he was captured and sentenced to hang at the Melbourne Gaol in November. Immortalized in a series of onscreen productions, he has since become one of the most resilient screen presences in the history of Australian cinema. The Ned Kelly Films recounts the history of this presence, covering the nine feature films, three miniseries, and two TV movies that have been made about this controversial character. Providing a comprehensive overview of these productions and their reception, Stephen Gaunson illuminates a central irony: From dime novels to comics to the branding of the site where he was captured, most cultural representations of Kelly are decidedly lowbrow. But only the films have been condemned for not offering a more serious interpretation of this figure and his historical context. Parsing the assumption that films about Kelly should do more than broadcast the sentiments of his fans, Gaunson explores why historical films have a reputation as a form of "bad" culture. Asking what value we can place on such "bad" historical cinema, he offers new insights about the textual characteristics of cinematic material and the conditions of film distribution, circulation, and reception. 
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18 GELLER, LAURENCE. Do Not Disturb.
Chaucer Press Books, London: . s Softcover. Brand new book. 

Price: 21.80 USD
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19 GERRARD, MIKE. National Geographic Traveler: Greece.
National Geographic Society, Washington: 2001. Second Edition. s Softcover with flaps. Like New. 
Covers Athens, the Peloponnese, Central Greece, Thessaly, Epiros, Macedonia, , Thrace, Evia, Aegean Islands, Crete, Corfu, and the Ionian Islands. 
Price: 11.50 USD
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20 GILL, JAMES. Lords Of Misrule: Mardi Gras And The Politics Of Race In New Orleans.
University Press of Mississippi, Jackson. 0878059164 / 9780878059164 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Mardi Gras remains one of the most distinctive features of New Orleans. Although the city has celebrated Carnival since its days as a French and Spanish colonial outpost, the rituals familiar today were largely established in the Civil War era by a white male elite. In fact, the men behind the masks on the parade floats and at the Mardi Gras balls have kept the spirit of the Confederacy alive. They have put artistry and erudition into their Carnival displays while harboring a virulent racism that has led to violence and massacre. Because the Mardi Gras organizations have remained secret societies, their role in the white supremacist cause has not been fully recorded, until now. Lords of Misrule is the first book to explore the effects of Mardi Gras on the social and political development of New Orleans, the first to analyze recent attempts to end racial segregation within the organizations that stage the annual festivities. The history of Carnival is so intertwined with the history of New Orleans that the story cannot be told without a social, economic, and political context. Lords of Misrule examines the often-bloody history of segregation and documents the role of the Carnival fraternity and the controversy aroused by attempts to desegregate Mardi Gras. 272 pp., 30 black and white illustrations. 
Price: 23.75 USD
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