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1 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. 2001: A Space Odyssey.
New American Library, New York: 1969. 0451134699 / 9780451134691 Thirteenth Printing. s Softcover. Fair condition. Cover has slight creasing. 
Based on the screenplay of the MGM film by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. This is the novel that puts today's man in tomorrow's spacecraft today. "It is staggering." - New Yorker. 
Price: 3.90 USD
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2 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Against The Fall Of Night.
Pyramid Books, New York: 1960. First Printing of this edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Destiny in his hands. Alvin hesitated a moment. None of his people had left the City for uncounted millions of years. "Diaspar has everything," they said; "why should we go outside into the desert?" But Alvin knew the fear that underlay the seeming free preference - the records he had studied hinted at the dark truth. ". . . a novel of epic humanity . . . one of the most rewarding science fiction novels of the year." - H. H. Holmes, New York Herald Tribune 
Price: 4.94 USD
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3 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Earthlight.
Ballantine Books, New York: 1957. Second Printing. s Softcover. Good reading copy. 
"The best thinking to date about the probabilities of lunar existence." New York Herald Tribune. 
Price: 4.04 USD
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4 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Islands In The Sky.
New American Library, New York: 1965. Reprint Edition. s Softcover. Fair condition. Cover has slight creasing. 
When young Roy Malcolm won the aviation quiz contest, his prize should have meantan ordinary sight-seeing jaunt on one of the man-made space stations that circled the earth. But instead the trip turned in a terrfying journey as misadveenture after misadventure plagued the artificial satellite. The climactic moment came when one of the crew pushed the wrong button and rocketed the runaway ship into outer space. . . . 
Price: 8.03 USD
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5 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Prelude To Mars: An Omnibus Containing The Complete Novels Prelude To Space And The Sands Of Mars And Sixteen Short Stories.
Harcourt Brace & Company, New York: 1965. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Reading copy. 
A struggling Terran colony find the survivors of Martian civilization and new hope. Also includes sixteen short stories. 
Price: 11.64 USD
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6 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Rendezvous With Rama.
Ballantine Books, New York: 1980. 0345291972 / 9780345291974 Eleventh Printing, 1980. s Softcover. Good reading copy with some discoloration. 
In the year 2130, a strange object is discovered, hurtling through space on what could be a collision course with Earth, where scientists have to answer--and fast--if Mankind is going to be ready for its first encounter with an alien intelligence. 
Price: 6.89 USD
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7 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Report On Planet Three And Other Speculations.
New American Library, New York: 1973. s Softcover. Good reading copy. 
All aboard the Clarke mindship blasting off for parts unknown in inner and outer space! Here is great reading for the many followers of Arthur C. Clarke. 
Price: 3.56 USD
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8 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Tales From The White Hart.
Ballantine Books, New York: 1957. s Softcover. Good reading copy. Rear cover has a tear. 
A sparkling collection of scientific tall stories. 
Price: 4.28 USD
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9 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. The City And The Stars.
Signet Book, New York: 1957. Third Printing. s Softcover. Good reading copy. 
Here is a suspenseful novel of the future, when a daring exploration into the unknown changes the course of existence for two isolated nations that are the sole survivors on an otherwise deserted, devastated earth. 
Price: 3.56 USD
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10 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. The Deep Range.
Harcourt Brace & World; Boston: 1957. 0156252473 / 9780156252478 s Softcover. Fair condition. Cover has slight chips and scratches. 
It is a superior adventure fiction by one of the best performers in his field. 
Price: 13.54 USD
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11 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. The Exploration Of Space.
Harper & Brothers, New York: 1952. Book Club Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Reading copy. 
This book was written to answer all the questions which the intelligent layman asks about the new science of "astronautics" - a subject which is increasingly in the public eye. The treatment, though scientifically accurate, is entirely nontechnical and the many remarkable plates - four in full color - give a vivid impression of the way in which space-travel may be achieved. Includes an Index. 
Price: 9.93 USD
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12 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. The Ghost From The Grand Banks.
Bantam Books, New York: December 1990. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very good condition. 
"There must be better ways, Jason Bradley kept telling himself, of celebrating one's twenty-first birthday than attending a mass funeral; but at least he had no emotional involvement." And so begins this story. 
Price: 9.45 USD
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13 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. The Reefs Of Taprobane: Underwater Adventures Around Ceylon.
Harper & Brothers, New York: 1957. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Dustjacket is worn and torn. 

Price: 28.50 USD
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14 CLARKE, ARTHUR C. Voices From The Sky.
Pocket Books, New York: 1980. 0671821415 / 9780671821418 First Pocket Books Edition. s Softcover. Good condition but the covers are slightly worn. 
A compendium of information on space, but it is also a philosophic treatise, a moving speculation, a record of the visions, revelations and predictions of this unpretentious and original thinker. In this collection of essays from the decade of Apollo, Clarke outlines the most important development in science whose impact we are are only beginning to feel. "Imaginative declarations of the expansive spirit of mankind." - New York Times Book Review 
Price: 4.70 USD
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Bantam Books, New York: 1990. 0553286587 / 9780553286588 s Softcover. Good condition 
"The novel is packed with the technical brilliance that is Clarke's forte. But it is also a captivating struggle among varied human natures." -Chicago Tribune. 
Price: 1.19 USD
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Bantam Books, New York: 1990. 0553286587 / 9780553286588 s Softcover. Reading copy. 
"The novel is packed with the technical brilliance that is Clarke's forte. But it is also a captivating struggle among varied human natures." -Chicago Tribune. 
Price: 1.19 USD
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Avon, New York: August 1968. First Camelot Printing Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Describes the author's adventures in the underwater mountains of the Great Barrier Reef. Illustrated with rare underwater photographs. 
Price: 12.64 USD
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18 CLARKE, ARTHUR C: SILVERBERG, ROBERT. Into Space: A Young Person's Guide To Space.
Harper & Row, New York: 1971. Revised Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good reading condition. Ex-library with usual markings. 
This book covers the history of rocket development, the launching of the satellites, a step-by-step account of manned space flight, and finally the tremendous achievement of man's landing on the moon. Includes an Index. 
Price: 31.83 USD
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19 CLARKE, ARTHUR C; THE EDITORS OF LIFE. Life Science Library: Man And Space.
Time-Life Books, New York: 1966. Life Science Library. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 
One of a series of books covering all aspects of science, characterized by their engaging narrative, thorough analysis, and professional presentation. These volumes also contain full color photographs and illustrations. Index included. 
Price: 10.69 USD
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Dodd, Mead & Company, New York: 1983. 0396081673 / 9780396081678 First Printing. s Softcover. Good condition. 
The narrator of Nebula Maker stands on a hill and sees a vision that leads him to the birth of the universe. He witnesses the creation of the nebulae and the formation of galactic communities as well as the flowering of the personalities of the nebulae. Four Encounters describes the imaginary meetings of the author with individuals who represent four distinct world views. The Christian and the Mystic personify older outlooks, that of organized Western religion and the spirit of renunciation, respectively. The Scientist and the Revolutionary embody views that are more contemporary. 
Price: 13.02 USD
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