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361 SUSNJAR, ANTE. Croatian- English/ English- Croatian Dictionary And Phrasebook.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781808103 / 9780781808101 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Useful for both native English and Croat speakers, this book provides the means for basic communication, as well as an introduction to Croatia's rich language and heritage. * Over 4,500 entries * Pronunciation guide * A basic grammar * Essential phrases * Ideal for travelers, students, business person, and relief organizations 
Price: 11.35 USD
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362 SWORD, HELEN. Stylish Academic Writing.
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London England: 2012. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Elegant data and ideas deserve elegant expression, argues Helen Sword in this lively guide to academic writing. For scholars frustrated with disciplinary conventions, and for specialists who want to write for a larger audience but are unsure where to begin, here are imaginative, practical, witty pointers that show how to make articles and books a pleasure to read—and to write. Dispelling the myth that you cannot get published without writing wordy, impersonal prose, Sword shows how much journal editors and readers welcome work that avoids excessive jargon and abstraction. Sword's analysis of more than a thousand peer-reviewed articles across a wide range of fields documents a startling gap between how academics typically describe good writing and the turgid prose they regularly produce. Stylish Academic Writing showcases a range of scholars from the sciences, humanities, and social sciences who write with vividness and panache. Individual chapters take up specific elements of style, such as titles and headings, chapter openings, and structure, and close with examples of transferable techniques that any writer can master. Helen Sword is Professor and Director of the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education at the University of Auckland. "Sword has produced a sleek and, yes, nicely written guide based on the principle that 'elegant ideas deserve elegant expression.' Aiming to be useful to writers in almost any discipline, Sword defines stylish academic writing in the broadest terms."—Jennifer Howard, The Times Literary Supplement "Stylish Academic Writing offers pithy, thoughtful, and concrete guidance on ways to improve writing about scholarly research (or anything else for that matter) so that it is engaging to others… Teachers of writing at the college level will want to read the book so as to help stem the tide of overly formal, dry-as-dust term papers that are still standard fare in many classes."—Dana S. Dunn, Psychology Today "[Sword's] counsel is wise, efficiently written, and infectiously winsome. She advises academic writers to use anecdotes and carefully chosen metaphors, and to write opening sentences that encourage readers to keep reading. She has drawn from a massive array of academic articles (more than a thousand) and given particular attention to authors known for writing readable material… Helen Sword's book contains much wisdom… Stylish Academic Writing contains superb counsel for academics who want to write with greater clarity and skill."—Barton Swaim, The Weekly Standard "Helen Sword's brilliant little volume is in many respects the ideal companion to Stephen J. Pyne's equally brilliant Voice and Vision: A Guide to Writing History and Other Serious Non-Fiction (Harvard) and equally deserving of a wider audience than its target group, which in this case comprises those academics who either write or have to put up with 'impersonal, stodgy, jargon-laden, abstract prose.' As Sword writes: 'Elegant data and ideas deserve elegant expression.' Featuring oodles of ideas and tips backed up by lashings of original research and bursting to the seams with case studies exemplifying the good, the bad and the ugly of academic writing ('via a symbolic interactionist lens' is one such monster), this is a must for writers in any discipline."—William Yeoman, West Australian "[A] practical and useful book."—Colin Steele, Australian Book Review "Surely it's time to declare war on terms such as postsemioticist, flip-flop gates and feature theory, terms Orwell would surely have included under his definition of obscurity as a cuttlefish defensively spurting out ink. Anyway, let's hope this excellent new book is a sign that things are about to change."—Bradley Winterton, Taipei Times "Stylish Academic Writing challenges academics to make their work more consequential by communicating more clearly—and provides helpful hints and models for doing so. This is a well-crafted and valuable contribution that combines substance with style."—Arne L. Kalleberg, Editor, Social Forces "As an academic—staff or student—wouldn't you like people to enjoy reading your work? In Stylish Academic Writing, Helen Sword offers dozens of suggestions as to how you might improve your work, get your argument across in a more appealing manner, and attract more readers. We can all learn something useful from this book, and it won't involve a lot of effort."—Malcolm Tight, Editor, Studies in Higher Education "Occasionally the tedium of reading an unending supply of poorly written manuscripts is upended by a cogent, well-written, piece. Helen Sword details why this is so prevalent and offers sage advice to beginning—and even senior—researchers on how to avoid dulling academic prose. I take her advice to heart. I hope to change my numerous bad habits and I dearly wish those submitting manuscripts would read this book."—Rick K. Wilson, Editor, The American Journal of Political Science 
Price: 20.85 USD
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363 SZABO, EVA. Hungarian- English/ English- Hungarian Practical Dictionary.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 2012. 078181068X / 9780781810685 Fourth Printing. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Hungarian, or Magyar, is spoken by 15 million people worldwide. This dictionary, the first of its kind to be based entirely on present-day Hungarian and American English, offers a wide range of business, medical, and technical vocabulary words. Expressions, illustrative examples, and essential phrases are included throughout, making it an ideal companion for English speakers working or studying in Hungary, as well as for Hungarian speakers in the U.S. Over 31,000 entries. Comprehensive pronunciation guide. Concise introduction to Hungarian Grammar. Appendices featuring irregular verbs in English and Hungarian. 
Price: 25.84 USD
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364 SZABO, VERA. Yiddish - English/ English - Yiddish Dictionary & Phrasebook.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781812984 / 9780781812986 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Yiddish is the native language of approximately 1.8 million people and serves as the second language for about 11 million people worldwide. The language is a fusion of German dialects with Hebrew, Aramaic, and Slavic languages, and has its origins in Ashkenazi Jewish culture, which began its spread throughout the Central and Eastern Europe around the 10th century. Nowadays, Yiddish is used throughout the world. The language is spoken and written in many Orthodox Jewish communities and is the primary language of many predominantly Hasidic neighborhoods, where it is commonly taught as a first language and used in schools and social settings. This handy dictionary and phrasebook provides practical vocabulary and pronunciation tools to help students, travelers, or businesspeople communicate when visiting Yiddish communities in Jerusalem, London, New York, and many other major cities around the world. The reference also includes commonly used phrases and expressions to enrich everyday communication and cultivate the reader's knowledge of Ashkenazi Jewish culture. * Over 3,000 dictionary entries * All entries include both original Hebrew script and Romanized phonetics * Ideal for students, travelers, and business people * Brief introduction to the Yiddish language and grammar 
Price: 13.25 USD
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365 TAKACS, GEZA. Hungarian- English/ English- Hungarian Concise Dictionary.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781803179 / 9780781803175 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
This popular compact guide to Hungarian, now it's 8th printing, is completely modern and up-to-date. Featuring: * Over 7,000 entries * Useful vocabulary and expressions for the traveler * Common-sense pronunciation * Introduction to the Hungarian Language * Index of Hungarian Geographical Names * A Practical Conversion Guide * Appendices of Typical Hungarian Dishes, Original Hungarian First Names, and Holidays in Hungary 
Price: 14.20 USD
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366 THATCHER, G W. Arabic Grammar Of The Written Language.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0870521012 / 9780870521010 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Arabic Grammar of the Written Language is the ideal resource for the beginning student of Arabic. * An introduction to the Arabic alphabet * 49 short lessons featuring lucid grammar explanations reinforced by readings and exercises * A supplement of excerpts from modern novels, journals and correspondence * English-Arabic and Arabic-English vocabularies * Indexes in both Arabic and English 
Price: 21.38 USD
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367 THE CHRISTIAN BROTHERS. New Irish Grammar.
C. J. Fallon, Dublin: 1994. 0714403156 / 9780714403151 First Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. Slight tear to front cover. 
Rules presented in English in terms which can be readily understood by the average pupil. 
Price: 35.63 USD
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368 THE LANGENSCHEIDT EDITORIAL STAFF (EDITORS). Langenscheidt Pocket Spanish Dictionary Spanish-english / English-spanish.
Langenscheidt, New York / Berlin: 1985. 0887291031 / 9780887291036 Pocket Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
This completely new Spanish-English / English-Spanish dictionary takes due account of the very latest developments in both languages. It is designed for wide use and is suitable for beginners and more advandced students alike. Special features include: Comprehensive vocabulary with examples of usage and wealth of up-to-date words, Due regard to Latin American Spanish, Conjugation tables, Proper Names, Abbreviations, and Numerals. Over 40,000 references. 
Price: 4.89 USD
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369 THE STAFF OF BERLITZ Mandarin Chinese Phrase Book.
Berlitz Publishing Co., Princeton: 2001. 2831562651 / 9782831562650 Eighth Printing. s Softcover. Very good condition. 
More people speak Mandarin than any other language in the world--and knowing a handful of phrases and words will make sure you are understood in China, Singapore, and Taiwan. Basic Chinese characters and their pronunciation are included so you can easily decode written Chinese, communicate with confidence, and travel with ease! The Berlitz phrase book is the unparalleled market leader in its category. 
Price: 7.36 USD
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370 THOMPSON. G. S. Greek Prose Usage: A Companion To Greek Prose Composition.
Macmillan Press Ltd.; London: 1964. Reprint Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Consists of a collection of notes on Greek prose usage taken mainly from the works of Thucydides, Xenophon, Plato and Demosthenes. Includes an Index. 
Price: 55.39 USD
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371 THORNE, BARRIE AND HENLEY, NANCY (EDITORS). Language And Sex: Difference And Dominance.
Newbury House, Rowley: 1978. 0883770431 / 9780883770436 Reprint. Series in Sociolinguistics. s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Collection of scholarly papers that probe the relationships among language usage and patterns of sex discrimnation, integration, and role specialization. 
Price: 78.42 USD
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372 TRAN, BAC HOAI; NORRIS, COURTNEY. Vietnamese- English/ English- Vietnamese Dictionary And Phrasebook.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781809916 / 9780781809917 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Vietnam has become a popular destination for tourists, who enjoy its vibrant cities, spectacular coastline, and diverse ethnic cultures. This guide is an essential aid to all who wish to communicate in Vietnamese at home and abroad. * 3,000 total dictionary entries * Helpful phrases for the traveler, student, or businessperson * Pronunciation guide introduces the Vietnamese tones * Basic Vietnamese grammar * Practical cultural information and ettiquette. 
Price: 11.35 USD
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373 TRAN, BAC HOAI; NORRIS, COURTNEY. Vietnamese- English/ English- Vietnamese Practical Dictionary.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781812445 / 9780781812443 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Spoken by more than 80 million people across the world, Vietnamese is rapidly becoming a prominent business language in Southeast Asia, America, and Europe. Designed to facilitate translation and understanding for speakers of either Vietnamese or English, this dictionary is an ideal reference for business people, NGO workers, students, and adventurous travelers who want to delve deeper into one of Asia's oldest cultures. Features include: * approximately 15,000 entries * entries covering both northern and southern dialects * a unique food index, for deeper exploration of Vietnam's rich cuisine * a brief introduction to Vietnamese tones, grammar, and the writing system * essential vocabulary covering Vietnamese culture, politics, history, geography, and technology 
Price: 18.95 USD
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374 TRNKA, NINA. Slovak- English/ English- Slovak Concise Dictionary.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0870521152 / 9780870521157 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
This up-to-date dictionary is a handy tool for both native English and Slovak speakers who wish to cross the linguistic barrier. It can be used to supplement studies, for travel or for business purposes, or simply as an introduction to a Slavic language that has gained prominence over the last decade. 
Price: 14.44 USD
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375 TRUDGILL, PETER. Sociolinguistics: An Introduction.
Penguin Books, Harmondsworth: 1974. s Softcover. Very good reading copy. Page discoloration. 
In this introductory survey, the author, shows how class, race, sex, religion, environment and region are among the factors which father differences in and between languages; and how, on the other hand, language may sometimes condition thought and so, indirectly, society. He naturally gives considerably space to the very great variations in spoken English, but many other languagesare considered in his exposition of the social and historical roots of grammar, accent and dialect, and of such phenomena as kinship terms, taboo words and multilingual societies. Includes an index. 
Price: 5.18 USD
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D. C. Heath and co., Lexington: 1968. Third Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Reading copy. Some writing on the inside cover pages. Some underlining. 

Price: 19.00 USD
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377 ULLMAN, STEPHEN. Words And Their Use.
Hawthorn Books, New York: 1966. s Softcover. Good condition. 

Price: 19.00 USD
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378 VANDEPUTTE, O.; VINCENT, P. & HERMANS, T. Dutch: The Language Of Twenty Million Dutch And Flemish People.
Flemish-Netherlands Foundation / tichting Ons Erfdeel vzw, Rekkem: 1988. 9070831058 / 9789070831059 Second, Revised Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
An introduction to the history of the Dutch language and where it is spoken. 
Price: 7.60 USD
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379 VANDESANDE, ANTHONY Myongdo's Korean Part I.
Myongdo Institute, Seoul: 1968. s Softcover, in protective mylar cover. Good condition. 

Price: 51.30 USD
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380 VICKNER, EDWIN J. Simplified Swedish Grammar.
Augustana Book Concern, Rock Island: 1934. 5th Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition considering its age. 

Price: 9.26 USD
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