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41 BEN-YEHUDA, EHUD (EDITOR); WEINSTEIN, DAVID ( ASSOCIATE EDITOR). Ben- Yehuda's Pocket English- Hebrew Hebrew- English Dictionary.
Washington Square Press, New York: 1961. Second Printing. s Softcover. Reading copy. Cover has heavy creasing and scratches. 
Over 30,000 entries plus a comprehensive but compact explanation of grammar. 
Price: 5.46 USD
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42 BENIUKH, OLEG & KSANA. Russian- English/ English- Russian Standard Dictionary.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781802806 / 9780781802802 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
This bilingual dictionary has been designed for use by both fluent speakers of Russian and newcomers to the language. Every Russian word and expression has been transliterated into English. The easy-to-use phonetic system helps English speakers pronounce Russian correctly and allows Russian speakers to pronounce words in American English. Over 32,000 dictionary entries. Russian and English words both presented in Cyrillic and Roman script. Concise pronunciation guide. Special guide to Russian food. Translation of a sample Russian restaurant menu. Perfect for students, travelers, and businesspeople. 
Price: 18.72 USD
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43 BENYUKH, OLESI; GAIUSHKO, RAISA. Ukrainian Phrasebook And Dictionary.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781801885 / 9780781801881 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
3,000 dictionary entries. Ukrainian words presented in Cyrillic script, with Romanized pronunciation. Concise pronunciation guide. Numerous travel tips. Basic grammar. Perfect for students, travelers, and businesspeople. 
Price: 12.07 USD
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44 BERENT, IRWIN M.; EVANS, ROD L. Weird Words.
Berkley Books, New York: 1995. 0425144046 / 9780425144046 s Softcover. Good reading copy. Water stains on some pages. Back cover soiled. 
An incredible collection of unique, unusual and useful words that will provide hours of enjoyment and a vocabulary lesson like you've never had before. Includes an Thesauro-Index. 
Price: 2.38 USD
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Workman Publishing, New York: 1998. Second Printing. s Softcover. Good condition. 
"90% of the game is half mental." Yogi Berra's gift for saying the smartest things in the funniest ways has made him America's beloved off-the-cuff philosopher. Now, finally, all of his famously quotable quotes have been gathered tgether by the author himself. From "It ain't over 'til it's over" to "You can observe a lot by watching" to "You can't thnk and hit at the same time!" 
Price: 3.75 USD
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Dartmouth College Press / University Press of New England, Hanover: 2004. 1584650338 / 9781584650331 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
A new approach for teaching Modern Greek, using songs, poems, cartoons, and contemporary dialogues. Greek Today presents an up-to-date communicative approach for students of Modern Greek. Aimed at the introductory to intermediate levels, it is a completely revised and expanded edition of the popular Demotic Greek I. Presenting material that relates to a wide range of cultural interests, the textbook offers twelve lessons with a total of sixty grammar points, all conveyed through dialogues that present the realities experienced by young people and adults in contemporary Greece. Lessons are supplemented by songs, poems, realia, images, and cultural texts. A large number of cartoons by Greece's eminent artist Kostas Mitropoulos provide a running commentary on modern Greek culture and its relation to Europe and the ancient Greek past. Employing a vocabulary of more than 2,000 words and introducing students to the most current Greek idioms, Greek Today also includes etymological notes on the evolution of the Greek language and the Greek roots of many English words. Beautifully illustrated, Greek Today is accompanied by a CD that contains recordings of the basic texts of each lesson, performed by Greek actors. PETER BIEN is Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Emeritus, Dartmouth College, and a former president of the Modern Greek Studies Association. DIMITRI GONDICAS is Executive Director of the Program in Hellenic Studies and Lecturer in Modern Greek at Princeton University. JOHN RASSIAS is the William R. Kenan Professor and chair of the Department of French and Italian at Dartmouth College, and president of the Rassias Foundation. ANDROMACHE KARANIKA, a recent Princeton University Ph.D. in classics, is Visiting Assistant Professor at Temple University. CHRYSANTHI YIANNAKOU-BIEN is Senior Lecturer in Modern Greek, Emerita, Dartmouth College, and teacher of Modern Greek in the Accelerated Language Programs. 
Price: 71.25 USD
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47 BIRK, NEWMAN P.; BIRK, GENEVIEVE B. Understanding And Using English.
The Odyssey Press, New York: 1959. Third Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 28.03 USD
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48 BLAKE, BARRY J. Secret Language: Codes, Tricks, Spies, Thieves, And Symbols.
Oxford University Press, New York/Oxford/London: 2011. 0199691622 / 9780199691623 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
With revelations on every page, and sample codes and puzzles for the reader to crack, Secret Language will entertain everyone with an urge to know more about the most arcane and curious uses of language. From backmasking to the Enigma Machine, from magic words to literary symbols, here is a lively, engaging tour of languages that hide their meanings from all but a chosen few. Blake explains the difference between ciphers and codes and shows how secret messages have been written--and broken--for almost two thousand years. He explores the history and uses of the slang and argot of schools and trades, tracing the stories of centuries-old cants such as those used by sailors and criminals--among them polari, the mix of Italian, Yiddish, and slang once spoken among strolling players and circus folk and most recently adopted by the gay community. He examines the sacred languages of ancient cults and religions, uncovers the workings of onomancy, spells, and gematria, considers the obliqueness of allusion and parody, and celebrates the absurdities of euphemism and jargon. Features * Explores the reasons for obscurity and secrecy in language * Fascinating, entertaining, instructive * Includes puzzles, ciphers, and codes for the reader to solve "Intriguing. It is good to have a book that gives you something to ponder without being ponderous itself. And it can be recommended in particular to anyone disposed to find language itself, as such, a source of pleasure." - "Covers a lot of ground. Reminds us that the rehearsal of that moment when concealing becomes revealing is a powerful resource-one might even reserve the word divine for it." - Barry J. Blake is Emeritus Professor of Linguistics at La Trobe University. His books include Playing with Words and All About Language. 
Price: 16.10 USD
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49 BLEITZ, KAREN. The Mechanical Word.
Berkeley, California: CODEX Foundation, 2015. Limited edition of 500. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Number nine of the CODE(X)+1 Monograph Series. The Mechanical Word is an extended essay on the eponymous five volume artwork by the London based artist Karen Bleitz, a founding member of the ARC collaborative that grew out of Ron King's legendary Circle Press. It is illustrated throughout in black, white, and red, and contains four pages of full color photographs. "Whenever asked to talk about The Mechanical Word, I begin by saying, 'The Mechanical Word is a series of books in which I constructed a mechanical language composed of cogs, cranks, levers and gears...' I have learned, however, that as soon as I say 'mechanical language', I am immediately bombarded with a thousand questions such as, 'What's a mechanical language? What does it look like? How does it work? What's it for anyway?' At the time that the project began, I had been looking at various properties of language. I was particularly interested in its power to define, and through definition create, the things, people, and events that take place in the world. In the hands of the media, I could see that words had the power to turn a cloned sheep from a miracle - to a monster - and back into a miracle within the space of a page." - Karen Bleitz This limited edition of 500 copies was designed and printed by Peter Koch with the assistance of Jonathan Gerken. 5.5 x 7.75 inches, paperback pamphlet, 24 pages. 
Price: 23.75 USD
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50 BLUESTEIN, GENE. Anglish / Yiddish: Yiddish In American Life And Literature.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln and London: 1998. 0803261470 / 9780803261471 Second Edition. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Writers have celebrated the fruitful dialogue between English and Yiddish for decades. In this engrossing lexicon, Gene Bluestein reveals the full extent of that dialogue, introducing "Anglish, or Anglicized Yiddish, in which a Yiddish word is integrated into English usage, as in 'shmo' and 'shmoozing'; and Yinglish, or Yiddishized English, in which an English word is integrated into Yiddish usage, as in 'allrightnik,' or the expression 'a Heifitz he isn't.'" Bluestein's insights into and examples of countless Yiddish expressions that have made their way into American English are fascinating and delightful. They vividly remind us of the multiculturalism of the American language and of the nation itself. The lexicon can be read selectively, like a dictionary, or straight through, as an informative and entertaining romp through a sumptuous linguistic tradition. Everywhere are the words of some of America's most distinctive voices—Saul Bellow, Cynthia Ozick, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Grace Paley, Philip Roth, Joseph Heller, and countless others. This greatly expanded and updated second edition of Anglish/Yinglish is a splendid guide to the ways Yiddish has permeated and transformed the American language. Gene Bluestein is a professor emeritus of English at California State University at Fresno. He is author of Poplore: Folk and Pop in American Culture. 
Price: 10.45 USD
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51 BLUMBERG, HARRY & LEWITTES, MORDECAI H. Modern Hebrew: A First-year Course In Conversation, Reading And Grammar - Part One.
Hebrew Publishing Company, New York: 1963. Revised Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Reading copy. 
The authors have sought to emphasize the following: Spoken Hebrew, Reading and Grammar. Includes stories that have interesting cultural content. In addition, proverbs, songs, photographs, maps and extensive supplementary material serves to introduce the student to the rich world of Hebrew culture. In line with the recent emphasis upon the audio-lingual aspect of modern language learning, the authors have revised a number of lessons by adding useful and pertinent conversational material. 
Price: 42.00 USD
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52 BLUMBERG, HARRY & LEWITTES, MORDECAI H. Modern Hebrew: A First-year Course In Reading, Grammar And Conversation.
Hebrew Publishing Company, New York: 1946. First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover with dustjacket. Reading copy. 
The authors have sought to emphasize the following: Spoken Hebrew, Reading and Grammar. Includes stories that have interesting cultural content. In addition, proverbs, songs, photographs, maps and extensive supplementary material serves to introduce the student to the rich world of Hebrew culture. 
Price: 21.84 USD
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53 BLUME, ELI Review Text In French Three Years.
AMSCO School Publications, New York: 1963. s Softcover. Very good reading copy. Underlining on some pages. 

Price: 14.73 USD
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54 BOROS, KATALIN. Beginner's Hungarian.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781808669 / 9780781808668 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
This popular introduction to the Hungarian language was developed by Eurolingua, with a practical approach to language learning that is designed to meet the needs of tourists, students and businesspersons. This popular introduction to the Hungarian language was developed by Eurolingua, with a practical approach to language learning that is designed to meet the needs of tourists, students and businesspersons. Basic language skills are gradually developed through ten lessons that treat everyday situations such as going through customs, checking into a hotel, and extending and accepting invitations. These lessons are complemented by concise historial and cultural chapters on Hungary. 
Price: 14.20 USD
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55 BREE, GERMAINE; DUFAU, MICHELINE. Recorded Exercises For Voix D'aujourd'hui.
Harcourt, Brace & World, New York: 1964. s Softcover. Good condition. Tapes not included. 

Price: 6.18 USD
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56 BREMON, ANA. Emergency Spanish Phrasebook.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 0781809770 / 9780781809771 s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Emergencies require quick responses. They call for individuals to take immediate decisive action. But what do you do when an emergency occurs in a foreign country where the language is unfamiliar? Emergency Spanish is designed to give you the key words and essential phrases you need in the most urgent situations--whether you are traveling in Latin America or Spain. Small enough to fit in your pocket, it is arranged for quick and easy reference. 
Price: 5.65 USD
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57 BREUNIG, LEROY C.; MESNARD, ANDRE; CARLSON, HELEN M.; GEEN, RENEE. Forme Et Fond; Textes Litteraires Pour L'etude De La Langue: Lectures, Exercises, Grammaire.
The Macmillan Company, New York: 1965. Fourth Printing. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very good reading copy. Underlining and notes on most pages. Stain on top edge. 
French Text. 
Price: 2.85 USD
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58 BRITTON, A. SCOTT. Catalan - English / English - Catalan Dictionary & Phrase Book.
Hippocrene Books, New York: 2011. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Catalan is spoken by over 11 million speakers worldwide, primarily in Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain. It is also used in Valencia, the Basque Country, and Galicia, and is the official language of Andorra. Catalan thrives and is actively promoted in the business markets and schools of Catalan-speaking cultures. It is important to note that Catalan is not similar to and does not derive from Spanish. Visitors to Catalonia's capital and largest city, Barcelona, for example, will find signs in Catalan, then in Spanish and English. 
Price: 13.25 USD
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59 BROUSSARD, JAS. F. (EDITOR). Contes Choisis De Daudet.
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York: 1919. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very good reading copy. Notes on some pages. 
French Text. 
Price: 13.78 USD
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60 BROWN, ROLAND WILBUR. Composition Of Scientific Words: A Manual Of Methods And A Lexicon Of Materials For The Practice Of Logotechnics.
Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington: 1985. 0874742862 / 9780874742862 Reprint Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 
This is a revised and greatly enlarged version of the author's Materials for word-study, published in 1927, but which retains the same general features. 
Price: 60.71 USD
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