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61 CANEY, STEPHEN. Invention Book.
Workman Publishing, New York: May 1985. 0894800760 / 9780894800764 First Printing. s Softcover. Good condition. 
From inspiration to prototype, everything you need to know. Featuring easy at-home projects to start now, plus 35 Great American Invention Stories. 
Price: 14.49 USD
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62 CARR, M. J. (ADAPTED BY). The Adventures Of Pinocchio.
Scholastic Inc., New York: 1996. 0590922637 / 9780590922630 s Softcover. Very good condition. 

Price: 2.85 USD
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63 CARROLL, LEWIS AND TENNIEL, JOHN (ILLUSTRATIONS). Through The Looking-glass And What Alice Found There.
Junior Deluxe Editions, Garden City. Edition for children. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Reading copy. 
An edition of the classic meant to appeal to children. 
Price: 10.59 USD
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64 CATLING, PATRICK SKENE. The Chocolate Touch.
Dell Yearing Book, New Yprk: 1993. 055315639X / 9780553156393 s Softcover. Reading copy. 
John Miles was crazy about chocolate. But this was too much of a good thing. Contains illustrations. A delightful children's story. 
Price: 1.66 USD
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65 CAUSLEY, CHARLES; GARDINER, JILL (ILLUSTRATOR). The Tale Of The Trinosaur: A Story In Rhyme.
Brockhampton Press, Leicester: 1972. 0340159480 / 9780340159484 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Reading copy. 
For ninety million years (or thereabouts) a TRINOSAUR has lain undisturbed in the clay of the Amazon Jungle. But when this fantastic creature is finally unearthed and sent as a agift to the peace-loving township of Dunborough, then it becomes very disturbed indeed. 
Price: 19.14 USD
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Purnell Books, London: 1977. 0361038569 / 9780361038560 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket and a protective mylar cover. Good condition but there is some wear and small tears on the dustjacket. 
A book in the series about Rupert the bear. Pong-Ping persuades Rupert to travel with him in search of some rare and dangerous dragons in a far-off country. They journey in Pong-Ping's wonderful go-anywhere-car, and have an exciting tale to tell when they return at last to Nutwood. 
Price: 83.46 USD
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67 CLEARY, BEVERLY. Dear Mr. Henshaw.
Dell Publishing Co., New York: 1984. 0440417945 / 9780440417941 Reprint, first published in 1983. s Softcover. Good condition. 
A boy writes letters to a writer of children's stories. 
Price: 1.66 USD
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68 CLEARY, BEVERLY. Fifteen.
Dell Publishing Co., New York: 1980. 0440925592 / 9780440925590 Reprint edition. s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Having a boyfriend isn't the answer! "The worries, the joys, the anguish are portrayed with perceptiveness, warmth, and humor." Booklist. 
Price: 1.81 USD
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Dell Publishing Co., New York: 1983. 0440482569 / 9780440482567 Reprint, first published in 1973. s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Socks the cat has to compete with a new baby for the attention of the family he lives with. 
Price: 2.47 USD
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The Millbrook Press, Brookfield: 0761302360 / 9780761302360 First Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Here's a fast, easy way to find out about all the presidents of the United States. In no time at all, you will be able to remember the names of all the presidents in chronological order. Crazy cartoons and comic-book captions create a nonsense tale that will it impossible for you to forget. 
Price: 8.98 USD
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71 COHEN, DANIEL. Famous Curses.
Dodd, Mead & Company, New York: 1979. 0396077129 / 9780396077121 First Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
Presents the stories behind and discusses the validity of such famous curses as those associated with King Tut's tomb and the Hope Diamond. Illustrated with photographs and prints. Includes an Index. 
Price: 12.26 USD
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72 COHEN, DANIEL. The Alien Files #2: Conspiracy.
Scholastic Inc., New York: 1998. 0590763423 / 9780590763424 s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Read about theories that say the Air Force and even certain United States Presidents were involved with UFO cover ups. 
Price: 3.33 USD
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73 COLE, JOANNA AND DEGEN, BRUCE (ILLUSTRATOR). The Magic School Bus At The Waterworks.
Scholastic, New York: 1986. 0590403605 / 9780590403603 First Edition. s Softcover. Good, clean reading copy. 
Who would have thought a class trip to the waterworks could be so much fun? With the Magic School Bus, and a teacher like Mrs. Frizzle, anything can happen! 
Price: 3.88 USD
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74 COLE, PETER; FRANKENY, FRANKIE & JONATH, LESLIE; FRANKENY, FRANKIE (PHOTOGRAPHY). Snowmen: Snow Creatures, Crafts, And Other Winter Projects.
Chronicle Books, San Francisco: 1999. 081182554X / 9780811825542 First Printing. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very Good condition. 
From the simple to the spectacular to the stupendously silly, Snowmen gives you thirty recipes for making snowmen, snow creatures, and other wacky winter projects. And if a blizzard locks you indoors, you can still make No-Snow Snowmen projects like Marshmallow and Meringue Men, Keepsake Cards, and a frosty Ice Cream Man. 
Price: 12.26 USD
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Scholastic Inc., New York: 1974. 059042792X / 9780590427920 Fifth Printing. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Fair condition. 
A Newbery Honor Book. "A moving junior novel. . . . How Sam's fate occurs . . . is the wrenching part in this fictional reconstruction of how the Revolutionary War affects the Meekers, a nonpartisan family of the Tory town of Redding, Connecticut. The story is tod through young Tim Meeker, who guardedly watches the war edge closer and closer until it engulfs his family. . . . A sobering tale that will leave readers with a more mature view of history and war." --*ALA Booklist 
Price: 2.59 USD
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76 COLLINS, SUZANNE. Mockingjay.
Scholastic Inc., New York: 2010. Twelfth Printing. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very good condition. 
"I stare down at my shoes, wating as a fine layer of ash settles on the worn leather. This is where the bed I shared with my sister, Prim, stood. Over there was the kitchen table. The bricks of the chimney, which collapsed in a charred heap, provide a point of reference for the rest of the house. How else could I orient myself in this sea of gray?" And so begins this story. 
Price: 6.65 USD
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77 CONFORD, ELLEN. Anything For A Friend.
Pocket Books, New York: 1981. 0671543148 / 9780671543143 Fourth Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Reading copy. 
How far would you go for a friend? Wallis is desperate - her family moves a lot, and once again she is the new girl at school. ". . . large doses of humor and a lively style. . ." - A.L.A. Booklist 
Price: 2.80 USD
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78 CONRAD, PAM; SELZNICK, BRIAN (ILLUSTRATIONS). Our House: The Stories Of Levittown.
Scholastic Inc., New York: 1995. 0590465236 / 9780590465236 Book Club Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
The setting is Levittown, Long Island, a suburban frontier town built in 1947 that offered middle-class families a piece of the American dream. Through the passing decades, countless changes have swept over these houses, but their stories have remained ingtact. Listen to the children who grew up here share what they remember most in these moving fictional vignettes. 
Price: 23.47 USD
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79 CORMIER, ROBERT. Tunes For Bears To Dance To.
Delcorte Press, New York: 1992. 0385308183 / 9780385308182 First Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar cover. Good condition. Library discard. 
Eleven-year-old Henry escapes his family's problems by watching the wood carving of Mr. Levine, an elderly Holocaust survivor, but when Henry is manipulated into betraying his friend he comes to know true evil. 
Price: 19.90 USD
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80 CURRY, LINDY SOO; HEO, YUMI (ILLUSTRATIONS). The Swallow's Gift: A Play From A Korean Folktale.
Scholastic, NY: 1997. 0590206796 / 9780590206792 s Softcover. Very good condition. 
Long ago in old Korea, two brothers lived together in a large house that their father had built. For many years they got along well. Then one winter day Nolbu got angry and ordered his younger brother Hungbu to move out. The play begins as Hungbu and his family set out in search of a new place to live. 
Price: 23.70 USD
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