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61 LIEBLING, A. J. Mollie, And Other War Pieces.
Ballantine Books, New York: 12964. s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Selection of the best of Liebling's reporting on WWII and adds new chapters of retrospective evaluation on the major event of his generation. 
Price: 5.94 USD
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62 LOFTON, JOHN Justice And The Press.
Beacon Press, Boston: 1968. s Softcover. Good condition. 
"Lofton has made a valuable contribution to those on both sides who are trying to come to grips with the central issue." - Harry S Ashmore, Center For The Study Of Democratic Institutions. Includes an Index. 
Price: 18.29 USD
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63 MANNING, RICHARD. Last Stand: Logging, Journalism, And The Case For Humility.
Peregrine Smith Books, Salt Lake City: 1991. 0879053895 / 9780879053895 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 22.80 USD
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64 MARTON, KATI. The Polk Conspiracy: Murder And Cover-up In The Case Of C B S News Correspondent George Polk.
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, New York: 1990. 0374135533 / 9780374135539 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket in protective mylar cover. Fair condition. Has stamps on the book and the back page is torn out 
A vivid account of who ordered the assassination of George Polk--and the motive behind it. Includes an Index. 
Price: 9.50 USD
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University of Chicago Press, Chicago and London: 2012. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Since its launch in 1999, Afterall, a journal of art, context, and enquiry, has offered in-depth considerations of the work of contemporary artists, along with essays that broaden the context in which to understand it. Published three times a year, Afterall also features essays on art history and critical theory. Issue 30 looks at artists whose practices respond to specific local contexts in different ways, from American artist Jimmie Durham's installations about US politics and civil rights to Israeli artist Yael Bartana's films about contemporary Europe. Texts focusing on specific projects in Spain, the UK and Italy focus on the relationship of the economy to the local site, whether through the effects on art education of the housing boom, the politics of local commissioning processes or the relationship of urban art centers to their neighborhoods. Other artists' groups featured in this issue are the collectives Archivo Caminante from Argentina and Ruang Rupa from Indonesia. 
Price: 9.50 USD
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66 MCCABE, PETER. Bad News At Black Rock: The Sell-out Of Cbs News.
Arbor House, New York: 1987. 0877959072 / 9780877959076 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
Tells the first-person, inside account of how one of the most distinguished broadcast news organizations in history was nearly destroyed by a combination of personal vanity and institutional short-sightedness. The story of individual ambition, corporate blundering, and Machiavellian intrigue. 
Price: 4.28 USD
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Bantam Books, New York: 1990. 0553057561 / 9780553057560 First Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
Exposes not only the truth about the cse but also the human cost of Tawana Brawley's story and the extraordinary events that followed. Told with the texture and suspense of a nonfiction novel, Outrage moves from idyllic Wappingers Falls to neighboring crack-ridden Newburgh; from Governor Mario Cuomo's Albany mansion to Bill Cosby's East Side town house and Mike Tyson's llimo; from the feverish newsroom of The New York Times to strategy sessions of the activists and a Brooklyn diner called Edgar's, where ordinary black citizens met to give vent to their passions about the case. Includes an Index. 
Price: 8.22 USD
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68 MUELLER, JAMES E. Shooting Arrows And Slinging Mud: Custer, The Press, And The Little Big Horn.
University of Oklahoma Press, Norman: 2013. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
The defeat of George Armstrong Custer and the Seventh Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn was big news in 1876. Newspaper coverage of the battle initiated hot debates about whether the U.S. government should change its policy toward American Indians and who was to blame for the army's loss—the latter, an argument that ignites passion to this day. In Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud, James E. Mueller draws on exhaustive research of period newspapers to explore press coverage of the famous battle. As he analyzes a wide range of accounts—some grim, some circumspect, some even laced with humor—Mueller offers a unique take on the dramatic events that so shook the American public. Among the many myths surrounding the Little Bighorn is that journalists of that time were incompetent hacks who, in response to the stunning news of Custer's defeat, called for bloodthirsty revenge against the Indians and portrayed the "boy general" as a glamorous hero who had suffered a martyr's death. Mueller argues otherwise, explaining that the journalists of 1876 were not uniformly biased against the Indians, and they did a credible job of describing the battle. They reported facts as they knew them, wrote thoughtful editorials, and asked important questions. Although not without their biases, journalists reporting on the Battle of the Little Bighorn cannot be credited—or faulted—for creating the legend of Custer's Last Stand. Indeed, as Mueller reveals, after the initial burst of attention, these journalists quickly moved on to other stories of their day. It would be art and popular culture—biographies, paintings, Wild West shows, novels, and movies—that would forever embed the Last Stand in the American psyche. James E. Mueller is Professor of Journalism at the University of North Texas. A veteran reporter himself, he is the author of Towel Snapping the Press: Bush's Journey from Locker-Room Antics to Message Control and Tag Teaming the Press: How Bill and Hillary Clinton Work Together to Handle the Press. "Back when newspapers were the primary source of information, opinion, and entertainment in America, when even small towns had competing papers with divergent political and religious affiliations, the public formed its views on current events mostly from what appeared in the press. Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud is a rich, readable study of the newspaper response in 1876 to Custer's disastrous defeat at the Little Bighorn--a response that proved instrumental in creating the enduring fascination with Custer's Last Stand."—Brian W. Dippie, author of Custer's Last Stand: The Anatomy of an American Myth "The journalists who covered the Battle of the Little Bighorn in the immediate aftermath of Custer's defeat set the framework for all subsequent discussions and debates about Custer's Last Stand, a framework that continues to reverberate in modern journalism, the academic world, and popular culture today. James Mueller here provides a most thorough review of that early coverage. His study underscores how Custer's critics and fans alike remain so indebted to the first generation of reporters and editors to comment on those stunning events."—Sandy Barnard, coauthor of Where Custer Fell: Photographs of the Little Bighorn Battlefield Then and Now 
Price: 28.45 USD
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69 MY; HENTOFF, NAT (FOREWORD). Observations From The Treadmill.
The Viking Press, New York: 1973. First Edition. s Softcover with creasing at spine. Reading copy. 

Price: 11.63 USD
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70 NOBILE, PHILIP. Intellectual Skywriting: Literary Politics And The New York Review Of Books.
Charterhouse, New York: 1974. 0883270137 / 9780883270134 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
This unique work of cultural reportage invades the citadel of American letters - the New York literary set - as it examines the outspoken personalities of its warring factions and explores their fiercely held convictions. Includes an Index. 
Price: 27.79 USD
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71 PETERS, CHARLES (EDITOR); ADAMS, TIMOTHY J. (EDITOR). Inside The System: A Washington Monthly Reader.
Praeger Publishers, New York: 1970. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
A collection of articles from the first 12 months of The Washington Monthly. All of the articles are frank and highly readable. Many are also wryly humorous. Includes an Index. 
Price: 28.03 USD
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72 PLOTNIK, ARTHUR. The Elements Of Editing: A Modern Guide For Editors And Journalists.
Macmillan Press Ltd.; London: 1984. 0020474105 / 9780020474104 Collier Book Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 

Price: 1.66 USD
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73 PLOTNIK, ARTHUR. The Elements Of Editing: A Modern Guide For Editors And Journalists.
Macmillan Press Ltd.; London: 1984. 0020474105 / 9780020474104 Collier Book Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. Creases on the front cover. 

Price: 1.43 USD
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74 POULIN, EUGENA (EDITOR); QUINTAL, CLAIRE (TRANSLATED AND ANNOTATED BY). La Gazette Francoise 1780 - 1781: Revolutionary America's Fench Newspaper.
Salve Regina University Press / University Press of New England, Hanover: 2008. 1584656638 / 9781584656630 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
A historical look into the lives, politics, and opinions of the French soldiers as they lived on American soil during the Revolutionary War. On July 11, 1780, after a sixty-nine-day voyage, 6,000 French troops under the command of General Rochambeau disembarked in Newport, R.I. Cognizant of the anti-Catholic feelings against France that ran rampant among the general population, the French military officers who arrived in Newport on that July day anxiously descended from their ship, not knowing how they would be received. Once it became clear that the French stay in Newport would last through the winter months, the French soldiers began printing a newspaper, using the press that was carried on board the ship. The first issue of the Newport newspaper, the Gazette Franćoise, appeared on November 17, 1780, followed by six consecutive issues and a final Supplement on January 2, 1781. The original purpose of the Gazette was to satisfy the curiosity of French officers seeking to educate themselves about their American military counterparts. To revisit the newspaper now is to capture a moment in American history, to see a unique perspective on Revolutionary America, naval customs of the era, and the political and social ambiance of Newport during the Revolution. In this newly translated and annotated edition of La Gazette Franćoise, Eugena Poulin and Claire Quintal have revisited the texts of the original French newspaper, translating them and comparing them to the English newspaper articles upon which they were based. La Gazette performed a distinct service, that of informing quasi-idle and eager-to-fight young military men of persons like them involved in a great experiment in democracy, one upon which they could look back with immense satisfaction in later years, with a sense of exhilaration that comes from having helped to achieve a momentous victory that changed the course of history. The Table of Contents of this book is as follows: Acknowledgments • User Guide • Introduction: From Age-Old Enemies to Newfound Friends • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 1 of Friday 17 November 1780 • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 2 of Friday 24 November 1780 • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 3 of Friday 30 November 1780 • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 4 of Friday 8 December 1780 • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 5 of Friday 15 December 1780 • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 6 of Friday 22 December 1780 • Gazette Franćoise Nľ 7 of Saturday 30 December 1780 • Supplement to the Gazette of 30 December 1780 • Calendrier [Almanac] 1781 • Appendix • Notes • Bibliography • Index. Eugenia Poulin, RSM, Ph.D., has been a faculty member at Salve Regina University for more than twenty years. Dr. Poulin has been honored by the state of Rhode Island as the Franco-American of the Year, and has been inducted into the Franco-American Hall of Fame by the American French Genealogical Society. Claire Quintal, Docteur de l'Universit de Paris, is the founding Director emerita of the French Institute and Professor emerita of French and Francophone Culture at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. "A valuable resource for readers interested in the critical part France played in the American Revolution."—John Quinn, Professor of History, Salve Regina University 
Price: 42.28 USD
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75 QUINN, SALLY. We're Going To Make You A Star.
Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York: 1975. 0671220845 / 9780671220846 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 7.13 USD
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76 RESTON, JAMES. Washington.
Macmillan Publishing Company, New York: 1960-1986. 0026023105 / 9780026023108 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition Library reject. 
Here is a treasury of the best writing of the past twenty years by one of the most influential columnists on the most influential newspaper in America. Includes an Index. 
Price: 9.50 USD
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77 RIIS, JACOB; MADISON, CHARLES A. (WITH A NEW PREFACE BY). How The Other Half Lives: Studies Among The Tenements Of New York.
Dover Publications, Inc., New York: 1971. 0486220125 / 9780486220123 Reprint Edition. An unabridged republication of the 1901 edition. s Softcover. Fair reading copy. Pages have water stains. Cover is slightly bent and some creasing. Name of previous owner appears on inside front cover. 
Gives a full and detailed picture of what life in New York's slums was like, how the slums were created, how and why they remained as they were, who was forced to live there, and offered suggestions for easing the lot of the poor. Includes 100 photographs from the Riis Collection, plus 17 other illustrations, an index and an appendix. 
Price: 13.25 USD
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78 ROBERTS, CHALMERS M. The Washington Post: The First 100 Years.
Houghton Mifflin, Boston: 1977. 0395258545 / 9780395258545 First Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 
The story of the only newspaper that has been published in the capital of the United States almost every morning for the past one hundred years. Illustrated with photographs, drawings and cartoons. Includes an Index. 
Price: 13.82 USD
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79 ROSSENBLUM, MORT. Coups And Earthquakes: Reporting The World For America.
Harper & Row, New York: 1981. 0060908564 / 9780060908560 s Softcover. Fair condition. 

Price: 5.46 USD
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80 RUTLAND, ROBERT A. The Newsmongers: Journalism In The Life Of The Nation 1690-1972.
The Dial Press, New York: 1973. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Stains on thecovers. 

Price: 47.50 USD
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