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1 Safer Torah Neveim Ooctoovim.
Hebrew Publishing Company, New York. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. There is a gift inscription on one of the end papers. 
Contains the complete text of the entire Hebrew Bible in Hebrew - Five Books of Moses, Prophets and the various other Writings. 
Price: 23.75 USD
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2 Sidour Kol Bo Hashalaym Im Sayfer Tehileem.
Hebrew Publishing Company, New York: 1917. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition considering its age. 
A comprehensive prayer book in Hebrew including the Book of Psalms in its entirety covering the traditional Ashkenazic text. 
Price: 23.75 USD
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3 The Book Of Psalms: Hebrew Text And English Translation.
Hebrew Publishing Company, New York: 1915. Revised Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Very good condition considering its age. 
The English text is the revised translation of Alexander Harkavy. 
Price: 69.82 USD
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Archibald Constable & Co. Ltd., London: 1907. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Poor condition. Cover is torn and has small tears. Pages are discolored. 
The writer has attempted in this volume to take up a few of the most characteristic points in Jewish doctrine and practice, and explain some of the various phases through which they have passed. 
Price: 42.75 USD
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Messrs M. J. Leonson and S. Weinkrantz, New York: 1900. First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition considering its age. 
The author was rabbi of Congregation Mishkan Israel Anshei Suvalk of New York. This edition which is in both Hebrew and English was translated, presumably into English, by V. Samuel David Arenson. Among the subjects covered are Sabbath Observance, Laws of Passover, and other Jewish holy days. 
Price: 93.34 USD
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6 ADELMAN, PENINA V. Miriam's Well: Rituals For Jewish Women Around The Year.
Biblio Press, New York: 1990. 0930395115 / 9780930395117 Second Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
A year-long guide for women's group celebrations of Rosh Hodesh - the ancient Jewish holiday marking the new moon. New rituals have been added for Bat Mitzvah, adoption, child weaning, alternative weddings, pregnancy loss, ecological holidays, and an Essay by Beth Haber - "Images of Women in Biblical Art - with illustrations. 
Price: 11.12 USD
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7 AGUS, JACOB BERNARD. Dialogue And Tradition: The Challenges Of Contemporary Judeo-christian Thought.
Abelard-Schuman, New York: 1971. 0200715496 / 9780200715492 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 19.24 USD
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8 ALPERT, REBECCA T. & STAUB, JACOB J. Exploring Judaism: A Reconstructionist Approach.
The Reconstructionist Press, Wyncote: 1994. 0935457003 / 9780935457001 Fourth Printing. s Softcover. Reading copy. Water stains. 
According to the Preface of the book, "In the last decade, the Reconstructionist movement ha enjoyed unprecedented growth. The number of affiliated congregations and havurot doubled from 1980 to 1985 alone, and the new groups include a generation of American Jews who had never before associated with the movement.... The movement has pioneered in such matters as developing birth rituals for girls, outreach to intermarried couples, and synthesizing contemporary and traditional forms of worship....Thus reconstruction has enabled Jews to find new ways to express what it means to be a Jew today." 
Price: 4.51 USD
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9 ALTER, ROBER. The Five Books Of Moses: A Translation With Commentary.
W. W. Norton, New York: 2004. Fifth Printing. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Through a distinguished career of critical scholarship and translation, Robert Alter has equipped us to read the Hebrew Bible as a powerful, cohesive work of literature. In this landmark work, Alter's masterly translation and probing commentary combine to give contemporary readers the definitive edition of The Five Books. Winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Translation and the Koret Jewish Book Award for Translation, a Newsweek Top 15 Book, Los Angeles Times Favorite Book, and San Francisco Chronicle Best Book. "A modern classic....Thrilling and constantly illuminating."—Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World 
Price: 28.45 USD
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10 ANGEL, MARC D. But Who Am I, And Who Are My People?: A Rabbi's Reflections On The Rabbinate And The Jewish Community.
Ktav Publishing House, Hoboken: 2001. 0881256943 / 9780881256949 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
The world at large knows almost nothing about the life and work of a rabbi: the diverse responsibilities and obligations, the many stresses and pressures, the conflicting demands for time, energy and sympathetic understanding, the insistent public causes and private needs that demand intervention and compete for attention. Indeed, much of what rabbis do is unknown even to members of their own congregations. This book is a compelling and informative attempt to address such matters. 
Price: 38.81 USD
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11 ANGEL, MARC. The Search Committee: A Novel.
Urim Fiction, Jerusalem/New York / Lambda, Brooklyn: 2008. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
When the leader of a venerable Torah academy passes away, a search committee begins to investigate two candidates, both serious serious and committed Torah scholars. However, the resemblance ends there. One, the previous leader's son, is a staunch traditionalist determined to keep to the old ways, while the other is a university graduate with a modern, open-minded perspective. The candidates hold opposing views about the role of the yeshiva, the ideals of Torah Judaism, the role of women in the community, and the future of Orthodoxy and the Jewish people. As they, their wives, colleagues, students, and donors address the Committee, a dramatic story emerges about the ways in which a traditional community may embrace or reject the modern world. "Marc Angel's The Search Committee should be required reading of every divinity student as well as anyone interested in the future of our pluralistic culture." - Dr. Ezra Cappell, Assistant Professor, University of Texas and author of American Talmud: The Cultural Work of Jewish American Fiction 
Price: 18.72 USD
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12 ARON, PH.D., ISA. WITH A FOREWORD BY RABBI LAWRENCE A. HOFFMAN. Becoming A Congregation Of Learners: Learning As A Key To Revitalizing Congregational Life.
Jewish Lights, Woodstock: 2002. Revitalizing Congregational Life: A Synagogue 2000 Series, Second Printing. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Shows how transformative change is possible. Offers concrete, practical information on how to bring about change and revitalization, and helps us make learning a vibrant, integral part of congregational life. "In this wonderful book, Isa Aron tells us how the synagogue can encourage every Jew, young and old, to embrace Jewish learning, and how Torah study can be made the foundation of synagogue life." -- Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, President, Union of American Hebrew Congregations 
Price: 12.30 USD
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Rossel Books, Chappaqua: 1984. 0940646129 / 9780940646124 s Softcover. Very good reading copy. 
A collection of Rabbi Axelrad's essays, articles, reviews and talks: a testimony to the rabbi's beliefs and practices. The Axelrad. Usually this term for a non-conformist implies a derogatory element. In the volume before us it is merely a sign of admirable modesty. 
Price: 26.39 USD
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14 BAECK, LEO. This People Israel: The Meaning Of Jewish Existence.
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York: 1964. First Edition. h Hardcover wih dustjacket. Good condition. 
Follows Israel through its long spiritual history, from its covenant with God to its encounter with Greece, Rome, and Christianity; the philosophy and mysticism of medieval Judaism and its encounter with Islam, and the confrontation of the Jewish spirit with modern Europe, which leads to a detailed survey of Jewish thinkers from Moses Mendelssohn through Hermann Cohen. The book ends by posing further questions which the spirit confronts in its new settings in Israel and America. Translated into English from the German by Albert H. Friedlander. 
Price: 38.48 USD
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15 BATNITZKY, LEORA. How Judaism Became A Religion: An Introduction To Modern Jewish Thought.
Princeton University Press, Princeton: 2013. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Is Judaism a religion, a culture, a nationality - or a mixture of all of these? In How Judaism Became a Religion, Leora Batnitzky boldly argues that this question more than any other has driven modern Jewish thought since the eighteenth century. This wide-ranging and lucid introduction tells the story of how Judaism came to be defined as a religion in the modern period--and why Jewish thinkers have fought as well as championed this idea. Ever since the Enlightenment, Jewish thinkers have debated whether and how Judaism--largely a religion of practice and public adherence to law--can fit into a modern, Protestant conception of religion as an individual and private matter of belief or faith. Batnitzky makes the novel argument that it is this clash between the modern category of religion and Judaism that is responsible for much of the creative tension in modern Jewish thought. Tracing how the idea of Jewish religion has been defended and resisted from the eighteenth century to today, the book discusses many of the major Jewish thinkers of the past three centuries, including Moses Mendelssohn, Abraham Geiger, Hermann Cohen, Martin Buber, Zvi Yehuda Kook, Theodor Herzl, and Mordecai Kaplan. At the same time, it tells the story of modern orthodoxy, the German-Jewish renaissance, Jewish religion after the Holocaust, the emergence of the Jewish individual, the birth of Jewish nationalism, and Jewish religion in America. More than an introduction, How Judaism Became a Religion presents a compelling new perspective on the history of modern Jewish thought. Leora Batnitzky is professor and chair in the Department of Religion at Princeton University, where she also directs the Tikvah Project on Jewish Thought. She is the author of Leo Strauss and Emmanuel Levinas: Philosophy and the Politics of Revelation and Idolatry and Representation: The Philosophy of Franz Rosenzweig Reconsidered (Princeton). "Batnitzky devotes her book to differentiating the array of responses to the modern notion of Judaism as a sheer religion. She presents meticulously the disparate positions of figures as varied as Moses Mendelssohn, Abraham Geigel, Hermann Cohen, Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, Abraham Kook and his son, Theodor Herzl, Ahad Ha'am, Emil Fackenheim and Mordecai Kaplan. She also presents the altogether 'premodern' views of Eastern European Jews such as the Hasidim. She shows that even resolute Reform Jews such as Geiger failed to work out a clean separation between politics and religion. With the Holocaust and with the founding of Israel, any divide seemed refuted by history." - Robert A. Segal, Times Higher Education Supplement "As Batnitzky points out, Judaism doesn't fit any modern mold especially well. Her book adds both shrewdness and humility to the search for modern Jewish identity and the claims often made about the purity of these identities." - Edward Ruehle, Jewish Voice and Herald "Superb and thought-provoking."--Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine "The book uses the combined rubric of religion, nation, and culture as the key to understanding the past two centuries of Jewish thought. This sweeping construct illuminates scholars and their debates, revealing ironies that have heretofore gone largely unnoticed." - Lawrence Grossman, Jewish Ideas Daily 
Price: 24.65 USD
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16 BEN HORIN, MEIR. Common Faith, Uncommon People: Essays In Reconstructionist Judaism.
Reconstructionist Press, New York: 1970. 0910808007 / 9780910808002 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 22.56 USD
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17 BERKOWITZ, RABBI HENRY. The Pulpit Message: Modern Esters.
Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Phila.: 1919. First Edition (Unstated). s Softcover. Good condition, considering its age. 
A Purim Sermon in pamphlet. 
Price: 9.50 USD
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18 BERNARD, TIKVAH - GREISMAN, TERI. What No Cheese? Converting To Judaism.
Published Privately. First Edition (Unstated). s Softcover. Good condition. Inscribed by the author. 
Tikvah tells her story through the many obstacles she had to learn to accept on her conversion to Judaism. Ultimately, Tikvah did embrace all that Judaism has to offer and opened West Virginia's only Kosher Bed and Breakfast. Tikvah writes her story in hopes of inspiring those who are still pondering their conversions. According to the author, "Family and friends will grow with your decision, accept you as a stronger person and embrace who you have become." 
Price: 23.51 USD
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Farrar, Straus and Young, New York: 1953. Eighth Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
What The Jews Believe is a summation of living Judaism. When part of this book appeared in Life it evoked the largest and most enthusiastic response in the history of the magazine. The book is written for both Christians and Jews. It will give non-Jews a clear picture of the actual beliefs and practices of their Jewish neighbors. They will find in it broad areas of agreement with their own religious views, and also a frank, respectful discussion of differences. "What the Jews Believe is in my view one of the finest interpretations of Judaism that has appeared for general public consumption. It is excellent both in meeting the needs of Jews and non-Jews." - John Slawson, Executive Vice President, The American Jewish Committee 
Price: 10.17 USD
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Hebrew Publishing Company, New York: 1957. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Dustjacket has little tears in it. 

Price: 33.01 USD
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