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1 ANDRESKI, STANISLAV. The African Predicament: A Study In The Pathology Of Modernisation.
Atherton Press, New York: 1968. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 14.01 USD
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2 BARBOUR, NEVILL (EDITOR). A Survey Of North West Africa: The Maghrib.
Oxford University Press: 1959. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good, clean copy. Some chips in dustjacket. 
An authoritative and informative book for the general reader as well as the student of international affairs. Contains maps. 
Price: 15.01 USD
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3 BARNES, LEONARD. Africa In Eclipse.
St. Martin's Press, New York: 1972. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
Now, in what is largely the post-colonial era, the author is examining the way the emergent African states are going, and with characteristic intellectual honesty he has the courage to say precisely how, in his view, Free Africa is going wrong. Includes an Index. 
Price: 70.06 USD
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4 BEIER, ULLI (EDITOR). Introduction To African Literature: An Anthology Of Critical Writing From Black Orpheus.
Longmans, Green and Co.Ltd., London: 1967. s Softcover. Fair condition. There are spots of discoloration on the cover. 
An anthology of Critical writing on African and Afro-American literature and oral traditions. 
Price: 46.31 USD
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5 BENTSEN, CHERYL. Maasai Days.
Summit Books, New York: 1989. 0671660357 / 9780671660352 First Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
Fifty years after Out of Africa, an American woman living in Kenya makes friends with the tribe Isak Dinesen admired above all others. Unlike many other observers who saw them as a group, Cheryl Bentsen came to know the Maasai as individuals. 
Price: 13.25 USD
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6 BOYLES, DENIS. African Lives: White Lies, Tropical Truth, Darkest Gosip, And Rumblings Of Rumor - From Chinese Gordon To Beryl Markham, And Beyond.
Weidenfeld & Nicolson, New York: 1988. 1555840345 / 9781555840341 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
"[A] fast-paced look at white personalities in Africa, a few well-knowns from the past and a few collected by the author in recent years... Denis Boyles knows the territory well." - The New York Times Book Review Includes photos and an Index. 
Price: 27.79 USD
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7 BROWN, LESLIE. Africa: A Natural History.
Random House, New York: 1965. A Chanticleer Press Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good reading copy. 
This book tells everything about the country of Africa 
Price: 17.81 USD
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8 BURNET, JENNIE. Genocide Lives In Us: Women, Memory, And Silence In Rwanda.
The University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Milwaukee and London: . Women in Africa and the Diaspora Studies. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
In the aftermath of the 1994 genocide, Rwandan women faced the impossible—resurrecting their lives amidst unthinkable devastation. Haunted by memories of lost loved ones and of their own experiences of violence, women slowly rebuilt their lives and traversed dangerous emotional and political terrain to emerge as leaders in Rwanda today. This clear and engaging ethnography of survival tackles three interrelated phenomena—memory, silence, and justice—and probes the contradictory roles women played in postgenocide reconciliation. Based on over a decade of intensive fieldwork, Genocide Lives in Us provides a unique grassroots perspective on a postconflict society. Anthropologist Jennie E. Burnet relates ordinary Rwandan women's heart-wrenching stories of survival with sensitivity and uncovers political and historical themes in their personal narratives. Allowing the silenced voices of ordinary women to be heard, Burnet sheds light on women's incredible resilience. She concludes that women's leading role in Rwanda's renaissance emerged from the dire post-genocide situation that forced women into new roles, from advocacy by the Rwandan women's movement, and from the inclusion of women in the postgenocide government. Jennie E. Burnet is assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Louisville. Her research focuses on women's roles in peace-building and democratization and on the long-term consequences of gender-based violence in conflict. "A profoundly empathetic and comprehensive narrative that goes to the bottom of Rwandans' everyday struggles triggered by a contextual and inevitable urge to face their own violent past." —Aloys Habimana, Rwandan human rights lawyer 
Price: 28.45 USD
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9 BURNSIDE, MADELEINE (TEXT); ROBOTHAM, ROSEMARIE (EDITOR); WEST, CORNEL (FOREWORD). Spirits Of The Passage: The Transatlantic Slave Trade In The Seventeenth Century.
Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York: 1997. 0684818191 / 9780684818191 First Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. There is a slight tear in the dustjacket. 
Presents the first general-interest history of the early years of the slave trade.Told in part from the decks and the cargo hold of a single merchant slaver, this powerful and fascinating story covers a period that has heretofore been largely the territory of scholars - the late seventeenth century, when the slave trade began a period of explosive growth. Describes the story of the largest forced migration in human hstory, with a powerful text that personalizes the experience of slavery in the most gripping way. Richly illustrated with artifacts found in the wreck of the Henrietta Marie along with etchings and paintings of the time, the book documents a tragic tale of human misery, even as it reveals the strength of spirit that made survival possible for enslaved Africans. Includes an Index. 
Price: 18.24 USD
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10 CARR, ARCHIE & EDITORS OF TIME-LIFE BOOKS. The Land Wildlife Of Africa.
Time-Life Books, New York: 1971. Life Nature Library. Reprint edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 
Talks about the patterns in the fabric of life being discovered in which the habits and life histories of individual species of plants and animals are the threads. Here is a book which effectively brings to one's notice this complexity and interwoven quality. Highly illustated. Includes an Index. 
Price: 7.98 USD
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11 CLARK, J. DESMOND The Prehistory Of Africa.
Praeger Publishers, New York: 1970. Second Printing. s Softcover. Very good reading copy. 

Price: 24.23 USD
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12 COLLINS, ROBERT O. & BURNS, JAMES M. A History Of Sub-saharan Africa.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2007. 0521867460 / 9780521867467 First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Brand new book. 
In a trawl through the entire sweep of sub-Saharan history, the authors have written an accessible introduction for students and general readers. The opening chapter on geography and climate frames the discussion, demonstrating how the environment has shaped the societies and cultures of those living in the region. Thereafter they describe the rise of states and empires in the classical period, the slave trade within Africa and beyond to the Americas, and the European conquest. The concluding section focuses on Africa in the twentieth century as it gains independence and searches for a new identity beyond colonialism. While the authors mull over the debates which have shaped the study of African history, at the centre of this story are the tragedies, triumphs and the resilience of the African people. The book is illustrated with photographs, maps, and sidebars which feature the salient points on either side of the debates. The contents of this book is as follows: Introduction; 1. The historical geography of Africa; 2. Kingdoms on the Nile; 3. The peoples of sub-Saharan Africa: society, culture and language; 4. Crops, cows and iron; 5. North-East Africa in the age of Aksum; 6. Empires of the plains; 7. East Africa and the Indian Ocean world; 8. The lake plateau of East Africa; 9. Societies and states of the West African forest; 10. Kingdoms and trade in Central Africa; 11.The peoples and states of Southern Africa; 12. The arrival of the Europeans in sub-Saharan Africa; 13. Diseases and crops: old and new; 14. Slavery in Africa; 15. The Atlantic slave trade; 16. The Asian slave trade; 17. Prelude to the European conquest of Africa; 18. The European conquest of Africa; 19. Africans, Dutch and the British in South Africa, 1480-1910; 20. European colonial rule in Africa; 21. The colonial legacy; 22. Nationalism and the independence of colonial Africa; 23. The union of South Africa and the apartheid state; 24. A decade of hope; 25. Cold War Africa; 26. Africa at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Includes an Index. 
Price: 70.30 USD
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13 CREYGHTON, MARIELOUISE; GESCHIERE, PETER. Zij En Het Patriarchaat: Ontmoetingen Met Vrouwen Uit Afrika En Azie
Corrie Zelen: 1979. 9062806104 / 9789062806102 s Softcover. Very good condition. 
Dutch Text. 
Price: 93.34 USD
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14 DALY, M. W. Darfur's Sorrow: A History Of Destruction And Genocide.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2007. First Edition (Unstated). s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Darfur is a region set apart, huge, hremote and poverty stricken. Its people are today locked in conflict, terrorised by the lawless Arab militia known as janjawid. As M. W. Daly explains, the roots of the crisis lie deep in Darfur's past. Tracing the story from the origins of the Fur state in the seventeenth century to Darfur's annexation by the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, he shows how years of neglect left the region unprepared for independence. This complex story is told with compassion, insight and a strong sense of place. The contents of this book is as follows: 1. 'Tradition tells us nothing'; 2. Lords of mountain and Savanna; 3. Egypt in Darfur, 1874-1883; 4. Darfur at the end of time: the Mahdiyya, 1885-1898; 5. Between anvil and hammer: the reign of All Dinar, 1898-1916; 6. 'Closed district': Anglo-Egyptian colonial rule in Darfur, 1916-1955; 7. Nothing left to lose: Darfur in the independent Sudan, 1956-1989; 8. Who will guard the guards? Darfur's descent to destruction. Includes an Index. "M.W. Daly has produced a lucid and solidly grounded historical context for the current troubles in Darfur. He introduces the longstanding patterns of political and socioeconomic interaction that have prevailed among the communities comprising the sultanate, and exposes the complex web of relations with neighboring lands that developed over the centuries. Important among the latter were ties to successive nineteenth and twentieth-century regimes centered in the Nile valley, whose policies were rarely helpful to Darfur and occasionally catastrophic. Many readers will find particular merit in the careful grounding of recent Darfur events in their wider political settings at the national level; this approach clarifies the motives of all the actors in the unfortunate drama. All will appreciate the unflinching but sensitive treatment of atrocity in discussion of the war itself, and insightful analysis of the fragile but significant Darfur Peace Agreement of May 2006." - Jay Spaulding, Kean University 
Price: 22.55 USD
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15 DAVIDSON, BASIL. Africa In History.
Collier Books, New York: 1974. 0020312601 / 9780020312604 First Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. Tape at bottom of spine. 

Price: 9.41 USD
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16 DAVIS, RICHARD HARDING. The Congo And Coasts Of Africa.
Charles Scribner's Sons, New York: 1907. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition considering its age. 

Price: 70.30 USD
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17 DINESEN, ISAK. Shadows On The Grass.
Random House, New York: 1961. Book Club Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. 
In these four pieces, this distinguished Danish writer, who lived in Africa for many years, recalls again the African land and people she knews so well. This volume includes "Farah" in which the storyteller describes a mistress-servant relationship "as picturesque as that of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza," "Baua A Soldani (Letter from a King)" in which is told the story of a letter that banishes all pain, "The Great Gesture" in which the storyteller shows how gnerosity triumphs over superstition, "Echoes From The Hills" in which recollections of the past crowd in upon the storyteller, now far away, when she hears news of her friends in Africa. 
Price: 13.97 USD
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18 DINESEN, ISAK. Shadows On The Grass.
Random House, New York: 1961. Book Club Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Dustjacket has slight chips and scratches. 
In these four pieces, this distinguished Danish writer, who lived in Africa for many years, recalls again the African land and people she knews so well. This volume includes "Farah" in which the storyteller describes a mistress-servant relationship "as picturesque as that of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza," "Baua A Soldani (Letter from a King)" in which is told the story of a letter that banishes all pain, "The Great Gesture" in which the storyteller shows how gnerosity triumphs over superstition, "Echoes From The Hills" in which recollections of the past crowd in upon the storyteller, now far away, when she hears news of her friends in Africa. 
Price: 13.97 USD
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19 DRURY, ALLEN. A Very Strange Society: A Journey To The Heart Of South Africa.
Trident Press, N ew York, 1967. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Poor condition. The back cover is damaged. Stains and soiling on covers. Stains on the edges. 
An expose on South Africa by this Pulitzer Prize winning novelist. 
Price: 1.00 USD
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20 DUIGNAN, PETER & GANN, L. H. The United States And Africa: A History.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2003. 052133571X / 9780521335713 Reprint Edition. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
From the early seventeenth century, North America and Africa have maintained many contacts. This volume traces these reciprocal relationships over four centuries. The authors show how American pioneers - missionaries, traders, prospectors, miners, educators, soldiers of fortune, manufacturers, financiers, engineers, scientists, and others - have helped shape modern Africa. They provide a valuable corrective to traditional colonial historiography that has tended to emphasize only the role of the colonial centers in developing Africa. In addition, the writers point to the equally important impact made by Africa on the United States through trade and immigration, enforced and voluntary, and thtough the influence of Africans on the arts, agriculture, and many other facets of American life. The contents of the book is as follows: Illustrations and maps; Preface; Part I. The Slave Trade: 1. The transatlantic slave trade: an overview; 2. The legal slave trade in North America; 3. Ending the slave trade; 4. The U.S. Navy and the antislavery campaign; 5. The effects of the slave trade; Part II. Commerce, Christianity, and Colonization Societies Up To 1865: 6. American traders and whalers; 7. Missionaries and colonization societies; 8. Explorers and frontiersmen; Part III. The United States and Africa, 1865-1900: 9. The vanishing flag; 10. Liberia: the lamb and the wolves; 11. Bula Matari and the Congo; 12. Neutrality and philanthropy; 13. Traders, explorers, and soldiers of misfortune; 14. Miners and adventurers; 15. Capitalists and missionaries; Part IV. The United States and Africa, 1900-1939: 16. Official America; 17. Private interest groups; 18. Preachers and teachers in Africa; 19. Black nationalism and the search for an African past; Part V. The United States in Africa, 1939-1983: 20. Africa between East and West; 21. Economic activities: the private sector; 22. Economic activities: the public sector; 23. American interests in Africa, 1945-1983; 24. Americans in Africa, and Africans in America; Appendixes; Notes; Selected bibliography; Index. 
Price: 47.50 USD
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