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1 BOYE, ALAN. The Complete Roadside Guide To Nebraska.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2007. Second Edition. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
The second edition of The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska represents a major enlargement and revision of the first edition, making this the most comprehensive guide to the state ever written. The book covers over twelve thousand miles in all ninety-three counties of the "state where the West begins." Here readers can become acquainted with numerous folklore tales and discover the locations of thousands of historical sites, burials, pioneer roads, museums, and other wonders of the Cornhusker State. Alan Boye is a Nebraska native with an affinity for back roads and offbeat historic moments. He is a professor of English at Lyndon State College in Vermont and the author of Tales from the Journey of the Dead: Ten Thousand Years on an American Desert (Nebraska 2006) and Holding Stone Hands: On the Trail of the Cheyenne Exodus, available in a Bison Books edition. Ron Hansen, a Nebraska native, is the author of Isn't It Romantic? and Hitler's Niece. Wright Morris was a native Nebraskan and the author of Field of Vision and Plains Song, both winners of the National Book Award. "If there's a book that captures the quirky spirit of the original Federal Writers Project guide, this is it. . . . Throughout the book, the author's opinions and reflections add charm to the entries. . . . Stories, trivia, opinions, back road directions - Boye is an engaging travel companion. He'll charm you into looking closer at Nebraska."—Nebraska Life "If you want to stop and smell the goldenrod in Nebraska, turn to Alan Boye: He should be able to tell you where it grows, why it is there and who planted it. . . . [The Complete Roadside Guide to Nebraska is] a mile-by-mile guide to the sights, history and oddities to be found or learned about along almost every road in Nebraska."—Gerald Wade, Omaha World-Herald 
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2 BROADY, DOROTHY. Story Of A Town: Brownville Nebraska Territory.
MacNaughton Graphics, Omaha: 1996. s Softcover. Very good condition. Inscribed by author on Dedication page. 
This is the story of Brownville. As soon as the Nebraska Territory was opened to settlers the town sprung up along the river, prospered for 20 short years, then was buried under an avalanche of bonded indebtness. 
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3 BROADY, DOROTHY. Story Of A Town: Brownville Nebraska Territory.
MacNaughton Graphics, Omaha: 1996. First Edition (Unstated). s Softcover. Very good condition. Inscribed by author on Dedication page. 
This is the story of Brownville. As soon as the Nebraska Territory was opened to settlers the town sprung up along the river, prospered for 20 short years, and then was buried under an avalanche of bonded indebtness. 
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4 DAVIS, BETH BOOSALIS. Mayor Helen Boosalis: My Mother's Life In Politics.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2008. First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
As a 1950s housewife and League of Women Voters volunteer who spearheaded the city of Lincoln's switch to a "strong mayor" form of government, Helen Boosalis never anticipated that she herself would one day be that strong mayor and chief executive of Nebraska's capital city. Helen Boosalis's story, told by her daughter, Beth Boosalis Davis, is the story of a true pioneer of women in politics. The daughter of Greek immigrants, Boosalis achieved national prominence as the first woman president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and as an outspoken advocate for economically distressed cities facing President Reagan's "new federalism." Winning the Democratic nomination for governor of Nebraska in 1986, Helen Boosalis ran against Kay Orr in the first gubernatorial contest between two women in U.S. history. The interwoven tales of conflict and challenge, from the mayor's office to the campaign trail, combine personal insight into one woman's trailblazing political history with a compelling memoir of a half century of public service and private devotion shared by two remarkable women. Listen to an interview with Helen Boosalis and Beth Boosalis Davis on AARP's Radio Prime Time show. Beth Boosalis Davis is an attorney and the daughter of former Lincoln mayor and Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Helen Boosalis. She lives in Evanston, Illinois, where she served for ten years as an alderman. Most recently Davis was executive director of the National Lekotek Center for children with disabilities and is on the boards of Carleton College and Steppenwolf Theatre. "A true pioneer in American politics, Helen Boosalis moved from being a housewife and volunteer to being elected the first female mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1975—then she became a nationally prominent advocate for troubled U.S. cities. Her inspiring story is told through the eyes of her daughter."—AARP The Magazine "Preview glance at Beth Boosalis Davis' book, Mayor Helen Boosalis: My Mother's Life in Politics, suggests this is an exceptional work, carefully crafted, well-researched and engagingly written."—Don Walton, Lincoln Journal Star "An informed and loving tribute of a daughter to her mother." —Mike Steinman, Lincoln Journal Star "While the book will be of greatest interest to people who have lived in Lincoln, who have known [Helen Boosalis] personally or by her reputation over the decades, it is so well-done that even those who have not known her should find her story compelling. Her daughter, Beth, who lives in Evanston, Illinois, and who was a member of the Evanston City Council, has written a loving and careful tribute to her—I guess you have to say—amazing mother."—Charles Stephen, All About Books "For readers interested in Nebraska's local politics and how it may have changed between then and now, the book offers a wealth of information to contemplate. . . . This book is well worth reading for its insights into the national and local political scene in the second half of the 20th century, for its insights into local political interactions, and for its descriptions of the interaction between political activity and family."—Chris Beutler, Prairie Fire "In a well-researched, respectful, and loving narrative, Davis tells the story of a remarkable political and social leader. Yet, I most relished the story of a magnificent mother-daughter relationship across the decades."—Mary Pipher, best-selling author of Reviving Ophelia and Writing to Change the World "The story of Helen Boosalis is the story of American democracy at its best—a daughter of Greek immigrants who became one of the nation's best mayors and barely missed becoming the governor of Nebraska. Her life stands as a testament to the enduring strength of a country that has not only welcomed its immigrants, it has opened its political system to us and invited us to serve and lead."—Michael Dukakis, former governor of Massachusetts 
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University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2007. New Edition. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Nebraska author Mari Sandoz remarked that most people see Nebraska as "that long flat state that sets between me and any place I want to go." If so, they're missing plenty, as this entertaining volume makes abundantly clear. Susan A. Wunder and John R. Wunder's new, expanded, and updated edition of Donald R. Hickey's classic account of defining Nebraska moments showcases triumph, tragedy, comedy, and accomplishments that could have happened nowhere else and that reveal the rich culture and history under the state's deceptively quiet surface. There are moments that shine — surviving the Oregon and Mormon trails; completing the Union Pacific Railroad; and winning national football championships, Nobel and Pulitzer prizes, and presidential nominations. There are also moments of darkness such as the murders of Crazy Horse, Malcolm X, and Brandon Teena; the lynchings of Will Brown and Juan Gonzalez; and the Blizzard of 1888. Together they evoke a dramatic history populated with the likes of Pedro Villasur, Willa Cather, and William Jennings Bryan. This new edition also mines Nebraska's most recent history, adding to the ever-changing, ever-intriguing picture of this Great Plains state. Donald R. Hickey is a professor of history at Wayne State College. Susan A. Wunder is an associate professor of education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. John R. Wunder is a professor of history and journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. "This new edition of a 1992 classic book is a must addition to the library of any fan of Nebraska history."—Francis Moul, Lincoln Journal Star "Each chapter in Nebraska Moments opens with a facet of the state's past and gracefully broadens the horizon to reveal the timeless implications of the initial story. Here are the sagas of people of all backgrounds who over nearly three centuries have made Nebraska's history. Every state ought to have such a book!"—Harl A. Dalstrom, coauthor of Upstream Metropolis: An Urban Biography of Omaha and Council Bluffs "Reading Nebraska Moments gives one an accurate perception that the state has—and continues to reflect—a very diverse past, present, and future."—Miguel A. Carranza, professor of sociology and ethnic studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln "This new edition of Nebraska Moments offers hours of reading pleasure about Nebraska's rich and often quirky history. From ill-conceived military campaigns to English-language-only responses to immigrants to savvy political women, the Wunders remind us that today's newspaper headlines have their origins in our past."—Jane Renner Hood, executive director, Nebraska Humanities Council 
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6 JOHNSGARD, PAUL A. The Nature Of Nebraska: Ecology And Biodiversity.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2005. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Illustrated with maps. 
Price: 17.05 USD
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7 KOOSER, TED. Local Wonders: Seasons In The Bohemian Alps.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2004. American Lives Series. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Ted Kooser describes with exquisite detail and humor the place he calls home in the rolling hills of southeastern Nebraska—an area known as the Bohemian Alps. Nothing is too big or too small for his attention. Memories of his grandmother's cooking are juxtaposed with reflections about the old-fashioned outhouse on his property. When casting his eye on social progress, Kooser reminds us that the closing of local schools, thoughtless county weed control, and irresponsible housing development destroy more than just the view. In the end, what makes life meaningful for Kooser are the ways in which his neighbors care for one another and how an afternoon walking with an old dog, or baking a pie, or decorating the house for Christmas can summon memories of his Iowa childhood. This writer is a seer in the truest sense of the word, discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary, the deep beneath the shallow, the abiding wisdom in the pithy Bohemian proverbs that are woven into his essays. Ted Kooser is a visiting professor of English at the University of Nebraska and a retired insurance executive. His poetry has appeared in nine special collections and eight books, including Winter Morning Walks: 100 Postcards to Jim Harrison and Weather Central. "When you read Ted Kooser's Local Wonders, you question where he's been all these years. He'd probably tell you he's been right here, amidst all of us, working the simplicity of words, the clarity of insights. What he wouldn't tell you is that he has the quiet ability to sneak beneath your skin and ripple it ever so slightly. . . . Set back in the hills of southeastern Nebraska-the Bohemian Alps-Kooser's book doesn't venture far geographically but travels great distances along the lengths of wisdom. . . . Kooser is a poet by nature, and his essays have the generous feel of a man who's rolled up his sleeves, pen in hand, for a long time, choosing words as an act of beauty, and knowing the small things of the world are of great import."—The Bloomsbury Review "A quietly eloquent diary of a year in a small town in Nebraska. . . . This is a heartfelt plainspoken book about slowing down and appreciating the world around you. . . . Maybe it's exactly the feeling your friends, even you, are looking for."—New York Times book critic Janet Maslin on CBS News Sunday Morning "Eloquent meditations on country pleasures, the rhythms of the seasons and the lingering presence of Czech folk culture in rural Nebraska."—Dan Cryer, Newsday "Clear, generous, and imaginative, Local Wonders increases the sum of the world's best goods."—Patrice Koelsch, Speakeasy "Through his eyes we learn to see, then appreciate, the beauty and grace in everyday miracles, the comfort and sanctity in local wonders."—Booklist "Kooser forges connections with the past through witty, commonsense proverbs inherited from Czech and German immigrants to southeastern Nebraska. The proverbs lend a poetic folk wisdom to the examination of his rural environs."—Jeffrey Galbraith, Harvard Review Poet Laureate (2004-2006) of the United States Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Delights & Shadows Winner of the 2003 Nebraska Book Award - Non-Fiction Category, sponsored by the Nebraska Center for the Book Finalist for the 2003 Society of Midland Authors Award, Adult Non-Fiction Category, sponsored by the Society of Midland Authors Gold Winner of the 2002 Book of the Year Award - Autobiographies Category, sponsored by ForeWord Magazine Finalist for the 2002 Holiday Discover Award, Non-Fiction Category, sponsored by Barnes & Noble Discover Winner of the 2002 Friends of American Writers Literary Award, sponsored by the Friends of American Writers-Chicago Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers selection 
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8 SARTORE, JOEL. Nebraska: Under A Big Red Sky.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2006. Great Plains Photography Series. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Welcome to a journey across Nebraska. Relax, take your time, and enjoy the vistas. From Chadron to Falls City, Carhenge to the Wayne Chicken Show, Burwell to Omaha, and everywhere in between, this book captures all that is Nebraska—the people, places, and events that make this state our home. Joel Sartore drove ten thousand miles in a beat-up Chevy truck to record the essence of Nebraska in the images that grace this book. Every page offers readers a chance to reminisce about their own lives and their special times in this great state. If you don't find at least a few photographs that make you smile or remember something fondly, then you haven't been in Nebraska long enough. A contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine since 1991, Nebraskan Joel Sartore's articles have covered endangered species, America's wildlife refuges, U.S. federal lands, and features on several states. His work has also appeared in Audubon, Life, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and Time. Sartore is a cofounder of the Conservation Alliance of the Great Plains and the coauthor (with Douglas Chadwick) of The Company We Keep: America's Endangered Species. "A light, clever, alternately lowbrow and highbrow, evocative and stunningly gorgeous 144-page photographic celebration of everything good about life in this state. Roiling crimson thunderheads and dangling Rocky Mountain oysters, loving mothers and painted ladies packing six-shooters. This is photography as art, comedy, story, social anthropology, and pep rally. For Nebraskans, it's bound to become a lasting document on why somebody would choose to live here."—Robert Nelson, Omaha World-Herald "In color photos and homespun humor, Sartore paints a portrait of a state where you can still field a six-man football team, and kids can take their little red wagon to a small-town grocery store without fear. Or where a winning cowboy proudly shows off his missing teeth to pretty young girls, and hairy-chested young men wearing brown bags and yellow beaks strut their stuff at the Wayne Chicken Show."—Al J. Laukaitis, Lincoln Journal Star 
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9 TERRY, KEITH. Nebraska's Cowboy Trail: A User's Guide.
University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln: 2008. First Edition. A Bison Original. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
The Chicago & Northwestern Railroad's "Cowboy Line" was active for more than one hundred years—delivering gold from the Black Hills, transporting livestock from the ranches in the West, and carrying passengers through northern Nebraska. Now the 321-mile-long rail line is being remade into Nebraska's first state recreational trail which, when completed, will become the nation's longest rail-to-trail conversion. Nebraska's Cowboy Trail: A User's Guide is the essential companion for anyone planning to hike, bike, or ride horseback on the Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail, which currently extends from Norfolk to Valentine and will eventually stretch all the way to Chadron. The trail runs through numerous communities, accommodates multiple uses, and provides an up-close look at the ecology of the Great Plains—a view too easily missed when speeding by in a car. Keith Terry's guidebook enhances appreciation of the trail's natural advantages with descriptions of the region's flora and fauna and with pointers for food, lodging, and camping. He also provides brief narratives about historical events that occurred along the route. This guide illuminates a historical corridor of the Great Plains and will heighten the trail user's experience. Keith Terry is a professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. "Should prove an invaluable resource for Nebraskans and visitors to the state. . . . The reader will benefit from Terry's vivid descriptions of the trail's various segments. . . . Kudos to the University of Nebraska Press and Keith Terry for highlighting some of Nebraska's most remarkable scenery."—Omaha World-Herald "Terry's book is ideal for anyone ambitious enough to want to walk, run or ride along the trail. . . . The book is broken down into sections, much like the Cowboy Trail is. It not only makes it easier for readers to find information about one particular part of the trail, but it also makes it more inviting for those who might be tempted to try to traverse the whole thing."—Jerry Guenther, Norfolk Daily News "For anyone seeking a true Great Plains adventure, the Cowboy Trail is a must!"—Helen Boosalis, former mayor of Lincoln, Nebraska "Nebraska's Cowboy Trail will introduce you to a piece of Nebraska the right way—it takes you back as it guides you ahead along the trail."—David Harding, history columnist, Omaha World-Herald "The Cowboy Recreation and Nature Trail is a 321-mile thread that runs through some of the most unique ecosystems in the United States. . . . This book is not just about a trail; it's about our environment, our friends, our families, and our neighbors. The trail just ties them all together."—Duane Westerholt, Nebraska State Trails coordinator, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission "This book should be a welcome guide for trail enthusiasts in Nebraska."—William S. Whitney, Executive Director, Prairie Plains Resource Institute, Aurora, Nebraska 
Price: 12.30 USD
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