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1 ARLEN, MICHAEL J. The Camera Age: Essays On Television.
Penguin Books, New York: 1982. 014006107X / 9780140061079 Reprint. s Softcover. Reading copy. Library discard. 
With great discernment and wit, Arlen examines the phenomenon of television in the 1980s. The 30 essays in the collection were originally published in The New Yorker . 
Price: 16.39 USD
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2 BARMASH, ISADORE. World Is Full Of It : How We Are Oversold, Overinfluenced And Overwhelmed By Communications Manipulators.
Delacorte Press, New York: 1974. 0440097266 / 9780440097266 First Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Cover has slight chips and scratches. 
How we are oversold, over influenced, and overwhelmed by the communications manipulators. 
Price: 16.39 USD
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3 BOETTINGER, H. M.; STEINBERG, RICH A. (SPECIAL PHOTOGRAPHY); RIPPER, RAY (DESIGN). The Telephone Book: Bell, Wartson, Vail And American Life, 1876-1976.
Riverwood Publishers Ltd., Croton-on-Hudson: 1977. 0914762095 / 9780914762096 First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
Three great men - Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas A. Watson and Theodore N. Vail - changed the lives of all Americans - and that of most people in the world. Bell and Watson invented the telephone: Vail created a System to make it work. Their stories are told in a moving and personal way. This is a lavishly illustrated essay, written with learning, affection and respect for the people who started it all and the people today who continue to make it work. Includes an Index. 
Price: 15.63 USD
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4 COLLINS, A. FREDERICK The Radio Amateur's Handbook.
Thomas Y. Crowell and Company, New York: 1976. 0690011008 / 9780690011005 13th Revised Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 6.65 USD
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Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, New York: 1966. First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Reading copy. One page is loose. 
A handbook for manual communication with the deaf. Published for the Conference of Church Workers Among the Deaf. 
Price: 23.28 USD
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6 ERICSON, JON M.; MURPHY, JAMES J. The Debater's Guide.
Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale: 1987. 0809313863 / 9780809313860 Revised Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
The Debater's Guide presents chronologically the steps of building a debate case, reviews the strategy of planning for refutation and defense, and offers sound advice on presenting the case in oral discourse. Expanded contents pages and effective use of subheadings allow for quick reference to any particular aspect of debate, making it an excellent classroom text as well as a valuable, hands-on tool during actual debates. A glossary of key terms used in debate complements the volume. 
Price: 47.50 USD
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7 HAHNER, JEFFREY C.; SOKOLOFF, MARTIN A.; SALISCH, SANDRA L. & NEEDLER, GEOFFREY D. Speaking Clearly: Improving Voice And Diction.
Random House, New York: 1986. 0394343573 / 9780394343570 Second Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
The authors' pupose in writing this book is to eliminate some of the obstacles to success in voice and diction courses, and to increase the chances for the significant, lasting changes in voice and diction that most students seek. Some of the topics considered are Dealing with Nervousness, The Speech Process, The Sounds of American English, Diction: The Consonants, Voice Production and Voice Expressiveness. Includes an Index. 
Price: 62.46 USD
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8 HALL, EDWARD T. The Silent Language.
Fawcett Publications, Greenwich: 1965. Fifth Premier Printing. s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Hall analyzes the many aspects of non-verbal communication and considers the concepts of space and time as tools for transmission of messages. His stimulating work is of interest to both the intelligent general reader and the sophisticated social scientist. Includes an Index. 
Price: 4.51 USD
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9 HERZOG, ARTHUR. The B.s. Factor The Theory And Technique Of Faking It In America.
Penguin Books, New York: 1973. 014003823X / 9780140038231 s Softcover. Good condition. 
Fakery and hypocrisy in American communications are the subjects of this outspoken—and hilarious—book. Uncovering our thought-pollution problem for perhaps the first time, Arthur Herzog exposes Executalk ("name of the game" for "point" or "purpose," "ball-park estimate" for "rough guess"), Quote Facts (opinions made to seem like facts by virtue of being quoted), and Complex Complex (the compulsion to make things more complicated than they need to be), to mention only a few of the current crimes against logic and language. 
Price: 4.04 USD
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10 HILDEBRANDT, HERBERT W. Issues Of Our Time: A Summons To Speak.
Macmillan, New York: 1963. First Printing. s Softcover. Very good reading copy. 
Collects in one valuable source the better articles and speeches in the areas of Communication, Education, and Integration. Several sides to the issues are presented: the pro and con, the liberal and conservative, the objective and subjective. 
Price: 151.76 USD
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11 O'SHAUGHNESSY, WILLIAM. Airwaves: A Collection Of Radio Editorials From The Golden Apple.
Fordham University Press, New York: 1999. 0823219046 / 9780823219049 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good condition. Inscribed by the author. 
A collection of poignant, vividly portrayed, and emotion-laden stories written for the airwaves, under the guise of "editorials of the air." The broadcast/writer is William O'Shaughnessy, who took a small, regional radio station WVOX, in New Rochelle, New York and turned it into what the Wall Street Journal has described as "the quintessential community radio station in America." Includes an Index. 
Price: 33.25 USD
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12 RANSOM, JAY ELLIS. Aleut Semaphore Signals.
American Anthropologist:1941. Reprint Edition, American Anthropologist, Vol. 43, No. 3, July-September, 1941. s Softcover. Good condition. 

Price: 13.30 USD
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Wilshire Book Company, North Hollywood: 1965. 0879800240 / 9780879800246 Second Edition. s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Chapters are entitled: Breaking the Ice, The Good Conversationalist, The Though Drift, Giving It Depth, Background To Conversation, Repartee, Aphorism and Epigram, se of Anecdote, Miscellaneous Methods and Etiquette, and Exercises for Practice. 
Price: 1.62 USD
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14 SCHRAMM, WILBUR. The Science Of Human Communication.
Basic Books, Inc., New York: 1963. Nine printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Very good reading copy. Underlining on some pages. 
In the fifteen years following its emergence as a field of study after World War II, human communication has become an increasingly important area of social research. Includes an index. 
Price: 19.71 USD
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15 VOELKER, FRANCIS & LUDMILA. Mass Media: Forces In Our Society.
Harciurt Brace Jovanovich, New York: 1972. 0155551183 / 9780155551183 First Edition (unstated). s Softcover. Very good reading copy. 
The articles, excerpts, and visual materials presented here, most of which appeared in the late 1960s and early 1970s provide varied viewpoints on contemporary mass media. 
Price: 12.59 USD
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