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1 ABLEY, MARK (TEXT); ROBINSON, JENNIFER (EDITOR). The Ice Storm: An Historic Record In Photographs Of January 1998.
McClelland & Stewart, Toronto: 1998. 0771061005 / 9780771061004 First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover, no dustjacket (as issued). Very good condition. 
In January 1998, five days of freezing rain, up to 100 millimeters, fell in some parts of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States. About 2 million homes - more than 5 million people - were plunged into darkness for up to a month in the dead of winter. It was, indisputably, the storm of the century. This book is the definitive story of the ice storm, captured in pictures by Canada's best news photographers. 
Price: 56.43 USD
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2 ANCELET, BARRY JEAN; GAUDET, MARCIA & LINDAHL, CARL. Second Line Rescue: Improvised Responses To Katrina And Rita.
University Press of Mississippi, Jackson. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
How beleaguered citizens created their own salvation when their institutions failed Contributions from Franćois Ancelet, Josef Brown, Charles A. Darensbourg, Mike Davis, Jocelyn H. Donlon, Jon G. Donlon, Nicole Eugene, Anthony Fontenot, Ernest J. Gaines, Glenda Harris, Sidney Harris, Chantell Jones, Robert LeBlanc, Glen Miguez, Shari L. Smothers, Dave Spizale, Angela Trahan, and Vincent Trotter Second Line Rescue: Improvised Responses to Katrina and Rita chronicles the brave and creative acts through which Gulf Coast people rescued their neighbors during the chaotic aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Ordinary citizens joined in with whatever resources they had. Unlike many of the official responders, vernacular rescuers found ways around the paralysis. They were able to dispel unfounded fears produced by erroneous or questionable reporting. The essays, personal narratives, media reports, and field studies presented here all have to do with effective and often ingenious answers that emerged from the people themselves. The first part of the collection deals with Gulf Coast rescuers from outside stricken communities: those who, safe in their own homes and neighborhoods, marshaled their resources to help their fellow citizens. The second part features the words of hurricane survivors displaced from New Orleans and other Gulf Coast communities to Houston, Texas. In many cases, the "victims" themselves were the first responders, rescuing family, friends, and strangers. All of the stories, whether from the "outside" or "inside" responders, reveal a shared history of close-knit community bonds, survival skills sharpened by hard times, and what went right in the aftermath of Katrina and Rita--in spite of all that went so wrong. Barry Jean Ancelet, Scott, Louisiana, holds the Willis Granger and Tom Debaillon/BORSF Professorship in Francophone Studies and is a Research Fellow at the Center for Louisiana Studies, University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He is the author of numerous books including Cajun and Creole Music Makers and Cajun Country (University Press of Mississippi). Marcia Gaudet, Duson, Louisiana, is professor emerita in English at University of Louisiana at Lafayette and author of Carville: Remembering Leprosy in America (University Press of Mississippi). Carl Lindahl, Houston, Texas, is a professor of English and folklore at the University of Houston and author of Cajun Mardi Gras Masks and Swapping Stories: Folktales from Louisiana (University Press of Mississippi). 
Price: 33.25 USD
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3 ARDMAN, HARVEY. Normandie: Her Life And Times.
Franklin Watts, New York: 1985. 0531097846 / 9780531097847 First Printing. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. Possibly signed by the author but cannot authenticate. 
This is the biography of a ship named Normandie. It is also th story of her times -- the period between 1928 and 1947 -- for she cannot be separated from them nor they from her. Illustrated, Includes an Index. 
Price: 22.56 USD
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4 ASIMOV, ISAAC. A Choice Of Catastrophes: The Disasters That Threaten Our World.
Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York: 1979. 0671227017 / 9780671227012 h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 10.93 USD
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5 AVENI, ANTHONY. The End Of Time: The Maya Mystery Of 2012.
University of Colorado Press, Boulder: 2009. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
December 21, 2012. The Internet, bookshelves, and movie theaters are full of prophecies, theories, and predictions that this date marks the end of the world, or at least the end of the world as we know it. Whether the end will result from the magnetic realignment of the north and south poles, bringing floods, earthquakes, death, and destruction; or from the return of alien caretakers to enlighten or enslave us; or from a global awakening, a sudden evolution of Homo sapiens into non-corporeal beings - theories of great, impending changes abound. In The End of Time, award-winning astronomer and Maya researcher Anthony Aveni explores these theories, explains their origins, and measures them objectively against evidence unearthed by Maya archaeologists, iconographers, and epigraphers. He probes the latest information astronomers and earth scientists have gathered on the likelihood of Armageddon and the oft-proposed link between the Maya Long Count cycle and the precession of the equinoxes. He then expands on these prophecies to include the broader context of how other cultures, ancient and modern, thought about the "end of things" and speculates on why cataclysmic events in human history have such a strong appeal within American pop culture. Anthony Aveni is the Russell Colgate Distinguished University Professor of Astronomy, Anthropolgy, and Native Amerifan Studies at Colgate University. He has researched and written about Maya Astronomy for more than four decades. He was named a U.S. National Professor of the year and has been awarded the H.B. Nicholson Medal for Excellence in Research in Mesoamerican Studies by Harvard's Peabody Museum. " A concise and authoritative overview, providint a valuable introduction for non-exoerts. . . . The writing style is engaging and clear, and the author never talks down to the reader. Summing up: Highly recommended." - Choice Magazine "Anthony Aveni delivers the goods on 2012. This isn't really a book about the Maya. It's about us. Read it now while there's still time." - Dr. E. C. Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory "This marvelously informative book should dispel all fears of worldly disasters or transformations that December 21, 2012 might bring." - Grant D. Jones, Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at Davidson College "Today's foremost archaeoastronomer explains what 2012 meant to the Maya and, more importantly, what it has come to mean for us. . . . a must for anyone interested in the year 2012." - Elizabeth Hill Boone, Martha and Donald Robertson Chair in Latin American Art, Tulane University "This is a valuable little book to be enjoyed by specialist and non-specialist. While it does not refute each and every argument, it does provide the reader with a good general introduction to the controversy and a better understanding of just what all the furor is about." - John F. Schwaller, SUNY - Potsdam "Anthony Aveni is a passionate scholar and a vivid, engaging writer. . . .He is a polymath, too, with an astounding range of interests and knowledge. Like Jared Diamond, Aveni is a brilliant synthesizer, and a delightful one." - Oliver Sacks 
Price: 18.95 USD
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6 AVILES, LOURDES B. Taken By Storm, 1938: A Social And Meterological History Of The Great New England Hurricane.
American Meterological Society: 2012. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
On September 21, 1938 one of the most powerful storms of the twentieth century came unannounced into the lives of New Yorkers and New Englanders, leaving utter devastation in its wake. The Great Hurricane, as it came to be known, changed everything, from the landscape and its inhabitants' lives, to Weather Bureau practices, to the measure and kind of relief New Englanders would receive during the Great Depression and the resulting pace of regional economic recovery. The storm formed near the Cape Verde Islands on September 10 but was not spotted until several days later, and was predicted by the understaffed Weather Bureau to head toward Florida. Junior forecaster Charlie Pierce correctly projected the northerly storm track, but senior meteorologists ignored his forecast, a mistake that cost many lives—including those of immigrants who had arrived to the Northeast in waves in the preceding decades. To be published on the storm's 75th anniversary, this compelling history successfully weaves science, historical accounts, and social analyses to create a comprehensive picture of the most powerful and devastating hurricane to hit New England to date. Contents Foreword Preface Prologue Part I: Overview 1 The Great Hurricane of 1938 2 The Tools of the Trade Part II: Life Cycle 3 Birth of the Storm 4 Florida's Sigh of Relief 5 "It Doesn't Happen in New England" 6 Sudden Devastation 7 Interior New England Impacts Part III: Aftermath 8 What Was Left Behind 9 Past, Present, and Future Epilogue Appendix: Report from the Weather Bureau to the Secretary of Agriculture, October 3, 1938 Notes References Index. 
Price: 38.00 USD
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7 BARYLICK, JOHN. Killer Show: The Station Nightclub Fire, America's Deadliest Rock Concert.
University Press of New England, New Enland: 2012. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
The definitive book on The Station nightclub fire on the 10th anniversary of the disaster. On February 20, 2003, the deadliest rock concert in U.S. history took place at a roadhouse called The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island. That night, in the few minutes it takes to play a hard-rock standard, the fate of many of the unsuspecting nightclub patrons was determined with awful certainty. The blaze was ignited when pyrotechnics set off by Great White, a 1980s heavy-metal band, lit flammable polyurethane "egg crate" foam sound insulation on the club's walls. In less than 10 minutes, 96 people were dead and 200 more were injured, many catastrophically. The final death toll topped out, three months later, at the eerily unlikely round number of 100. The story of the fire, its causes, and its legal and human aftermath is one of lives put at risk by petty economic decisions—by a band, club owners, promoters, building inspectors, and product manufacturers. Any one of those decisions, made differently, might have averted the tragedy. Together, however, they reached a fatal critical mass. Killer Show is the first comprehensive exploration of the chain of events leading up to the fire, the conflagration itself, and the painstaking search for evidence to hold the guilty to account and obtain justice for the victims. Anyone who has entered an entertainment venue and wondered, "Could I get out of here in a hurry?" will identify with concertgoers at The Station. Fans of disaster nonfiction and forensic thrillers will find ample elements of both genres in Killer Show. "A modern cautionary tale that will take your breath away." - Publishers Weekly 
Price: 38.24 USD
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8 BELL, ART; STRIEBER, WHITLEY. The Coming Global Superstorm.
Pocket Books, New York: 2000. 0671041908 / 9780671041908 Reprint Edition. s Softcover. Good condition. 
Our future is clear - unless we take action now! Explains what will happen when a potent succession of cold fronts sweep across the world. Ever increasing in intensity and duration, damaging storms will batter the West Coast and cause flooding, mudslides and tornadoes across the country. Includes an Index. 
Price: 8.98 USD
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9 BORGENICHT, DAVID; PIVEN, JOSHUA & WINTERS, BEN H. The Ultimate Worst-case Scenario Survival Handbook.
Chronicle Books, San Francisco: 2012. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
With over 9 million copies sold worldwide, the Worst-Case Scenario series has been preparing readers for dangers of all kinds for more than a decade. This handsome large-format hardcover compendium is truly the ultimate guide for handling life's inevitable Worst-Case Scenarios, collecting—for the first time—hundreds of the best and most crucial scenarios from across the entire 26-book series, along with dozens of all new and expanded scenarios, charts, and expert tips. Topical, tabloid-style pages explore more than 100 subjects, from storms to stampedes to technology failures and beyond, with special sections highlighting critical information on starting fires, animal encounters, emergency signals, "Can I eat that?" questions, and more. Packed with expert advice and sturdy enough to stop a tiger bite, this gifty tome will keep longtime fans and new initiates safe and entertained in equal measure. 8 x10 inches; 272 pages, 2-color images throughout, paper over board, rounded corners.d Joshua Piven, authors of the Worst- Case Scenario Survival Handbook series, live life on the edge in the wilds of Philadelphia. Ben H. Winters, co-author of numerous titles in the series, lives in Brooklyn, New York. 
Price: 26.13 USD
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10 BRONSON, WILLIAM. The Earth Shook, The Sky Burned.
Pocket Books, New York: 1971. 0671785257 / 9780671785253 s Softcover. Reading copy. 
Price: 10.93 USD
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11 BRYANT, E. A. Natural Hazards.
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 1991. 0521378893 / 9780521378895 First Edition (Unstated). s Softcover. Good condition. 
Presents a comprehensive, inter-disciplinary analysis of the complete range of natural hazards. Edward Bryant describes and explains how hazards occur, examines prediction methods, considers recent and historical hazard events and explores the social impact of such disasters. Supported by over 180 maps, diagrams and photographs, this standard text is an invaluable guide for students and professionals in the field. 
Price: 23.75 USD
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12 BUFF, SHEILA. Fire Engines In North America.
The Wellfleet Press, Secaucus: 1991. 1555216749 / 9781555216740 Reprint Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
A comprehensive look at firefighting on the continent, from the leather fire buckets of colonial times to the latest quick-attack pumpers and aerial rigs of today. The clear, well-written text of Fire Engines of NOrth America is complemented by 450 spectacular photographs (with detailed cap-tions) of apparatus from every era. Includes an Index. 
Price: 37.67 USD
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13 CHUTE, HILLARY L. Disaster Drawn: Visual Witness, Comics, And Documentary Form.
Belknap Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London England: 2016. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
376 pages, 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches, 35 color illustrations, 31 halftones Belknap Press World Related Subjects LITERARY CRITICISM: Comics & Graphic Novels Share This About This Book About the Authors Reviews Table of Contents In hard-hitting accounts of Auschwitz, Bosnia, Palestine, and Hiroshima's Ground Zero, comics display a stunning capacity to bear witness to trauma. Investigating how hand-drawn comics has come of age as a serious medium for engaging history, Disaster Drawn explores the ways graphic narratives by diverse artists, including Jacques Callot, Francisco Goya, Keiji Nakazawa, Art Spiegelman, and Joe Sacco, document the disasters of war. Hillary L. Chute traces how comics inherited graphic print traditions and innovations from the seventeenth century and later, pointing out that at every turn new forms of visual-verbal representation have arisen in response to the turmoil of war. Modern nonfiction comics emerged from the shattering experience of World War II, developing in the 1970s with Art Spiegelman's first "Maus" story about his immigrant family's survival of Nazi death camps and with Hiroshima survivor Keiji Nakazawa's inaugural work of "atomic bomb manga," the comic book Ore Wa Mita ("I Saw It")—a title that alludes to Goya's famous Disasters of War etchings. Chute explains how the form of comics—its collection of frames—lends itself to historical narrative. By interlacing multiple temporalities over the space of the page or panel, comics can place pressure on conventional notions of causality. Aggregating and accumulating frames of information, comics calls attention to itself as evidence. Disaster Drawn demonstrates why, even in the era of photography and film, people understand hand-drawn images to be among the most powerful forms of historical witness. 
Price: 33.25 USD
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14 DARLEY, GILLIAN. Vesuvius.
Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London England: 2015. s Softcover. Brand new book. 
Volcanoes around the world have their own legends, and many have wrought terrible devastation, but none has caught the imagination like Vesuvius. We now know that immense eruptions destroyed Bronze Age settlements around Vesuvius, but the Romans knew nothing of those disasters and were lulled into complacency—much as we are today—by its long period of inactivity. None of the nearly thirty eruptions since A.D. 79 has matched the infamous cataclysm that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum within hours. Nearly two thousand years later, the allure of the volcano remains—as evidenced by its popularity as a tourist attraction, from Shelley and the Romantics to modern-day visitors. Vesuvius has loomed large throughout history, both feared and celebrated. Gillian Darley unveils the human responses to Vesuvius from a cast of characters as far-flung as Pliny the Younger and Andy Warhol, revealing shifts over time. This cultural and scientific meditation on a powerful natural wonder touches on pagan religious beliefs, vulcanology, and travel writing. Sifting through the ashes of Vesuvius, Darley exposes how changes in our relationship to the volcano mirror changes in our understanding of our cultural and natural environments. 256 pages, 34 halftones. Gillian Darley is a writer, broadcaster, and architectural journalist. "Most readers will enjoy this attractive little book as an armchair travel guide to Vesuvius along the paths of history."—David Keymer, Library Journal "A lively biography of the mountain best known for swallowing Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 A.D.… Vesuvius is an entertaining guide to the volcano's impact on European culture, ranging over its influence on religion, science, philosophy, art, literature, and music."—Amy Henderson, The Weekly Standard "The terrifying meditations on our own mortality are compensated by the vivid lives that have unfolded for so many centuries on the mountain's slopes (most of them lives in which Vesuvius has been threatening but not fatal). As a book, Vesuvius promises to be just about irresistible."—Ingrid Rowland, University of Notre Dame "It's brave to write a longue dure history of anything, and here it has been done magnificently. There was much in every part that was new to me."—Martin Rudwick, author of Bursting the Limits of Time 
Price: 15.15 USD
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15 GARB, SOLOMON; ENG, EVELYN. Disaster Handbook.
Springer Publishing Company Inc., New York: 1969. Second Edition. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 

Price: 11.16 USD
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16 GOODMAN, JEFFREY. We Are The Earthquake Generation: Where And When The Catastrophes Will Strike.
Seaview Books,New York: 1978. 0872235033 / 9780872235038 First Edition. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. 
Taking the psychics[that he has asked] predictions with a scientist's skepticism, Goodman has used geological tectonic maps and come up with a frightening forecast about our future. Includes an Index. 
Price: 46.31 USD
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17 HOEHLING, A. A. They Sailed Into Oblivion.
Thomas Yoseloff, New York: 1962. Second Printing. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Dustjacket is worn and torn. 

Price: 7.60 USD
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18 HOFFER, WILLIAM. Saved: The Story Of The Andrea Doria -- The Greatest Sea Rescue In History.
Summit Books, New York: 1979. h Hardcover, no dustjacket. Good condition. 
A detailed account of the disaster when two ships collided off the coast of New England. Includes an Index, 
Price: 3.47 USD
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Princeton University Press, Princeton: 1955. First Edition (Unstated). h Hardcover with dustjacket. Good condition. Signed (first name only) by one of the two authors. 
Present some facts and fundamentals for the increasing number who are directly concerned with flood problems. Covers such topics as why we have flood problems, man's adaptation to floods, and protection through the control of water. Includes an Index. 
Price: 25.60 USD
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20 HUGHES, MICHAEL & BOSWORTH, KATHERINE. Titanic Calling: Wireless Communications During The Great Disaster.
Bodleian Library, Oxford with Bernard Quaritch Ltd.: 2012. h Hardcover with dustjacket. Brand new book. 
Published in commemoration of the one-hundredth anniversary of the Titanic's sinking, this book tells the story of that fateful night from an unusual angle: through the many wireless communications sent to and from the land stations and the ships involved as the tragic events unfolded. Drawing on the extensive record of wireless transmissions in the Marconi Archives, Titanic Calling recounts this legendary story the way it was first heard, beginning with repeated warnings—just hours before the collision—of several large icebergs unusually far south and alarmingly close to the Titanic's course. The story follows senior operator Jack Phillips as he sends distress messages to nearby ships and shows how these urgent calls for help were received and rapidly relayed across the Atlantic in a desperate attempt to save the lives of the Titanic's passengers and crew. Finally, the distant SS Virginian receives the Titanic's final, broken message. The story concludes with the rescue of the fortunate survivors, who radio messages to loved ones from aboard the RMS Carpathia while safely on their way to New York. Illustrated throughout with photographs of the messages and including full transcripts of original material, the book also features an introduction to the development of maritime wireless communications and a discussion of the Marconi Archives's Titanic collection. The forced brevity of the messages lends the narrative a startling sense of immediacy and brings to life to the voices of the individuals involved. 
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