Darfur's Sorrow: A History Of Destruction And Genocide.

By: DALY, M. W.

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Darfur is a region set apart, huge, hremote and poverty stricken. Its people are today locked in conflict, terrorised by the lawless Arab militia known as janjawid. As M. W. Daly explains, the roots of the crisis lie deep in Darfur's past. Tracing the story from the origins of the Fur state in the seventeenth century to Darfur's annexation by the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, he shows how years of neglect left the region unprepared for independence. This complex story is told with compassion, insight and a strong sense of place. The contents of this book is as follows: 1. 'Tradition tells us nothing'; 2. Lords of mountain and Savanna; 3. Egypt in Darfur, 1874-1883; 4. Darfur at the end of time: the Mahdiyya, 1885-1898; 5. Between anvil and hammer: the reign of All Dinar, 1898-1916; 6. 'Closed district': Anglo-Egyptian colonial rule in Darfur, 1916-1955; 7. Nothing left to lose: Darfur in the independent Sudan, 1956-1989; 8. Who will guard the guards? Darfur's descent to destruction. Includes an Index. "M.W. Daly has produced a lucid and solidly grounded historical context for the current troubles in Darfur. He introduces the longstanding patterns of political and socioeconomic interaction that have prevailed among the communities comprising the sultanate, and exposes the complex web of relations with neighboring lands that developed over the centuries. Important among the latter were ties to successive nineteenth and twentieth-century regimes centered in the Nile valley, whose policies were rarely helpful to Darfur and occasionally catastrophic. Many readers will find particular merit in the careful grounding of recent Darfur events in their wider political settings at the national level; this approach clarifies the motives of all the actors in the unfortunate drama. All will appreciate the unflinching but sensitive treatment of atrocity in discussion of the war itself, and insightful analysis of the fragile but significant Darfur Peace Agreement of May 2006." - Jay Spaulding, Kean University

Title: Darfur's Sorrow: A History Of Destruction And Genocide.

Author Name: DALY, M. W.

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Edition: First Edition (Unstated).

Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Cambridge: 2007.:

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Book Condition: Softcover. Brand new book.

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