Hitler's Shadow Empire: Nazi Economics And The Spanish Civil War.


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Pitting fascists and communists in a showdown for supremacy, the Spanish Civil War has long been seen as a grim dress rehearsal for World War II. Francisco Franco's Nationalists prevailed with German and Italian military assistancea clear instance, it seemed, of like-minded regimes joining forces in the fight against global Bolshevism. In Hitler's Shadow Empire Pierpaolo Barbieri revises this standard account of Axis intervention in the Spanish Civil War, arguing that economic ambitionsnot ideologydrove Hitler's Iberian intervention. The Nazis hoped to establish an economic empire in Europe, and in Spain they tested the tactics intended for future subject territories. The Nazis provided Franco's Nationalists with planes, armaments, and tanks, but behind this largesse was a Faustian bargain. Through weapons and material support, Germany gradually absorbed Spain into an informal empire, extending control over key Spanish resources in order to fuel its own burgeoning war industries. This plan was only possible and profitable because of Hitler's economic czar, Hjalmar Schacht, a "wizard of international finance." His policies fostered the interwar German recovery and consolidated Hitler's dictatorship. Though Schacht's economic strategy was eventually abandoned in favor of a very different conception of racial empire, Barbieri argues it was in many ways a more effective strategic option for the Third Reich. Deepening our understanding of the Spanish Civil War by placing it in the context of Nazi imperial ambitions, Hitler's Shadow Empire illuminates a fratricidal tragedy that still reverberates in Spanish life as well as the world war it heralded. 368 pages, 6-1/8 x 9-1/4 inches, 13 halftones, 1 map, 7 graphs. Pierpaolo Barbieri is executive director at Greenmantle and special advisor at the Institute for New Economic Thinking and the Berggruen Institute on Governance. "The Spanish Civil War is among the 20th-century military conflicts about which the most continues to be published Hitler's Shadow Empire is one of few recent studies offering fresh information, specifically describing German trade in the Franco-controlled zone. While it is typically assumed that Nazi Germany, like Stalinist Russia, became involved in the Spanish Civil War for ideological reasons, Pierpaolo Barbieri, an economic analyst, shows that the motives of the two main powers were quite different."Stephen Schwartz, The Weekly Standard "Hitler's Shadow Empire recasts our understanding of the German and Italian interventions in the Spanish Civil War. In this brilliant debut, Barbieri shows that informal imperialism played a more important part than fascist ideology in the way that Berlin looked at the conflict. Barbieri also has a keen ear for the continuing echoes of the Civil War for Spainand indeed for Europetoday."Niall Ferguson, author of The Ascent of Money "A fascinating, beautifully written account of a plan for the German economic domination of Europe that was pushed in the 1930s by the Nazis but above all by non-Nazi and more traditionally oriented German economic bureaucrats. Barbieri makes us think again about the relationship between economics and racial policies in the making of Nazi aggression."Harold James, author of Making the European Monetary Union "This is a fascinating study of a prewar Europe of might-have-been, when Spain was being absorbed into a German 'informal empire' of economic hegemony, overseen by the brilliant Hjalmar Schacht, a project so successful that two centuries of Anglo-French dominance of the Iberian economy was overturned in less than three years. As Barbieri shows, it was Hitler's foolish plunge into war and 'formal empire' in 1939 which, paradoxically, destroyed burgeoning German economic hegemony in Spainand Europe. As the world enters a new round of trade and currency wars reminiscent of the 1930s, Hitler's Shadow Empire is a timely reminder of the seductive power of economic nationalismand of Germany's capacity for both hegemonic influence and suicidal diplomacy."Sean McMeekin, author of The Russian Origins of the First World War "Nothing reflects the twists and turns of German economic and military policy before 1939 so clearly as German involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Pierpaolo Barbieri has done all historians of this period a major service in providing a clear and convincing account of how 'informal empire' in Spain became a stepping stone to real imperialism in the rest of Europe."Richard Overy, author of Why the Allies Won

Title: Hitler's Shadow Empire: Nazi Economics And The Spanish Civil War.



Publisher: Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts and London England: 2015.:

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Book Condition: Softcover. Brand new book.

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